While the model got ready for yesterday's photoshoot, assistant Molly stepped in for some light tests.

Ron Perlman shows up in the back half of this movie looking like Rod Stewart and Rick Flair did a Dragon Ball fusion dance.

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We have a strict no-people-food policy with our dogs, but it's clear that Molly's previous family gave her people food all the time. It's taken a year, but she's no longer begging in the kitchen. But she still keeps a sharp eye out when someone's in the kitchen, just in case today's the day we change our mind and give her a slice of pizza.

I just heard this mentioned on James O'Brien and it's a real headscratcher to this Philly-born boy.

We took a walk out behind Jewel Lake to take some photos and came across this momma moose and calf taking the afternoon off. They were very accommodating with us shooting right next to their living room.

Gluggavedur is Icelandic for "window weather", which is weather best appreciated from indoors.

Molly got a new, bigger, more complex snuffle mat today and thinks it's absolute bullshit that the treats aren't easier to find.

The view from my home office window today is not conducive to getting work done.

Elian Gonzalez, Quarantimes 

I shouldn't have laughed, but I did.

I have a theory that Gritty is based on Wyatt Russell in Goon 2.

Who can help me credit the photographer? This shot is a master class all on its own.

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