Dealing with "webmasters" who use WYSIWYG editors and know fuck-all about how the web actually works has been the bane of my professional existence for 20 years.

I got an email from the "webmaster" of a client I haven't worked for in 4+ years asking for a walk-through on fixing a type rendering issue on their sites. This is a site they inherited from a previous client of mine that's using code that is, at this point, pushing 15 years old. And the issue is only a few months old. And I don't work for you. And your "webmaster" should know how to deal with type rendering issues.

Hey @pixelfed - does the "hide" option on a comment hide the comment from other users? Or will everyone see the "may contain sensitive material" warning? I'm confused about what it does, especially since, when I navigate away from a post and then come back the comment seems to be un-hidden.

Cozy Grove is adorable. I keep chasing the imps around but they always disappear on me.

Everything I know about British politics I've learned from Pete on Gogglebox.

@deneb It didn't need to be. It opens with Kong waking up, scratching his ass, and wandering Skull Island in search of breakfast all set to Bobby Vinton's "Over the Mountain, Across the Sea". It's absolutely brilliant and I said, "I'm going to like this." Nope. Five minutes later it started being stupid.

So much of that movie was inexplicable and random; it may as well just have been someone's FX demo reel.

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Godzilla vs Kong was the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

If your web site has one of those floaty auto-playing video boxes on it then you are in league with the devil.

People like to say that adaptations of Stephen King books are almost universally bad - be they TV or movie. But I submit that when King himself got a chance to adapt Stephen King, he came up with "Sleepwalkers", the worst of all the King movies. So perhaps the adaptations aren't necessarily at fault.

Gary Numan has been going from strength to strength ever since "I Am Dust". Intruder sounds like it's going to be another winner.

I have a great creamy soup recipe I make - boil veggies, blend, add seasonings. Made it tonight with some turkey from the freezer.

Forgot to take the bay leaves out before blending the veggies. Lesson learned with extreme prejudice.

While the model got ready for yesterday's photoshoot, assistant Molly stepped in for some light tests.

Valheim is a great game until you reach deathsquitoes, then something they included as a laugh makes the game really unfun.

I've been experimenting with cocktails since last summer after rediscovering the Pimms cup. Tonight I tried the Queen's cocktail - 2 Dubonnet 1 Gin with a dash of lemon, and I made it with the Roku gin. God damn that's good.

We had words with both dogs when they got back, reiterating that it's OK to be friendly but an hour is too long when their ride is waiting in the parking lot.

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Doctor called us after an hour and a half to give us updates on our dogs - both fine - during which she dropped that the staff have been having a lovely time playing with our dogs and giving them treats.

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