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Hey Mastodon! I'm always looking for new peeps to follow!

Introduce yourself (or someone else!), let's make friends. :)

Long shot, but does anyone know of any space-exploration themed scifi that's:

* Not about war or colonization
* Optimistic about the future
* Focuses on cool space-exploration tech/life more than alien shenanigans

(ping @Nezchan ?)

Yeah okay but gopher's pretty awesome actually

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tired: progressive websites
wired: going back to gopher because fuck the web

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tired: progressive websites
wired: regressive websites that slowly morph into older and older programming languages, converging at an especially large abacus and a usage manual written in ancient sumerian

The fediverse is so talented! 😊

Anyone else want to play a board game?

Hey Mastodon!

Got any good recipes? I'm in a cooking mood today!

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I *could* do the work I'm supposed to do

But I also could spend hours fine-tuning minute details of my Linux desktop appearance

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oh you like distributed systems? let me tell you about the original distributed systems: plants

Oof. Been off of Mastodon for a few days (happy birthday!)

What'd I miss, fediverse? Anything cool happen to you in the last few days? (Tell me even if I don't follow you... yet)

I think I like Homebrew more than apt-get (maybe) but definitely not nearly as much as pacman.

I couldn't tell if the new Dropbox logo site wasn't loading properly or if it was just bad.

Turns out the answer is both.

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pro tip: ".svg" is pronounced "savage"

Someone help me spook-ify my name! I've never figured it out.

Wish there was an epub version of the Rust programming book.

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day 1 of inktober and I'm already behind

What do software licenses have to say about inspecting codebases for structure?

To be clear, I don't mean opening a codebase in one window and porting it over in another. I mean skimming through code, thinking about it for a few days, and implementing it yourself.

If I see a codebase that doesn't allow redistribution, am I allowed to look at it for inspiration/ideas then program and distribute my own version?