Hey Mastodon! What's the last CD you bought? (not album or music, I mean actual CD)

@robotsneedhugs I'll only buy a digital download if it's CD quality or better (even if I can't really tell).

One of my favorite Belgian bands signed with Sony, so I got their new CD, Jungle Eyes.


@kai Same! Plus buying old CDs second-hand is almost always cheaper than buying them digitally anyway.

@robotsneedhugs most of my recordings are from bandcamp and I always try to pay extra. If I could get everything on there, I would!

But I'm probably a bit deaf to the used CD market.

I also have a magnatune.com membership.

And I often listen to kcrw.com and dublab.com

@kai Yeah, 80-90% of my music comes from Bandcamp, and I wish I could pay extra more often.

Never heard of Magnatune before - I'll check it out!

I don't listen to internet radio but sometimes I feel like I should. Other times I feel like I should stick to my own music. I have a lot of it, and as a result, plenty of it doesn't get the attention it deserves. :(

@robotsneedhugs internet radio is a great way to discover new music if you don't have any friends, or if your friends have bad taste 😅

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