Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in a long time, but I'm moving my account → @robotsneedhugs

I'll be re-following most people, but if you're following me now, please re-follow me over there. Thanks!

@Jellal There's no reason to believe that our descriptions of causes coming before effects are correct, since they're inherently untestable. (My alternative is also untestable, admittedly, but allows for more possibilities. For instance, time travel necessitates the same effect coming both before and after its cause.)

@Jellal Indirectly. I'm just saying it's a (somewhat strange) possibility if we take away the constraint that causes have to come before effects (which I personally think is a strange assumption that we SHOULD toss out)

@Jellal But if we toss out the idea that causes have to come before effects, you could also argue that god's cause is AS a cause-producer! You could then say the reason god exists is so other causes and effects can play out

@Jellal This is pretty much how some old philosophers argued for the existence of god, as a cause-producer that doesn't need a cause to exist

@kyzh Document Viewer is probably the best pdf reader I've used on _any_ platform. It's on Fdroid!

@mithriltabby Wow, thanks for all the examples and resources! I will try to dig through these and see if there's a better way for me to explain or present the mechanics to my group. 👍

@mithriltabby Hi! I saw your introductions post. Nice to meet you! You seem to have a lot of experience with Fate, and I'm curious if you have any advice/resources for running Fate campaigns.

I tried Fate Accelerated with my group and it didn't really stick. Wonder if there's a better way to ease into it (we usually play 5e but FAE looks far more appealing to me personally) Any tips?

@MightyPork And in base 33, you get 69:69 at the end of a long day....

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i need to buy more ram. 16 GB is not enough for my 3-4 IntelliJ Platform IDEs and Chrome

@znkd Ooh, this is great! Is it for a particular project, or just a cool idea you wanted to try? (Sorry if this is made obvious in the poster itself, I can't read Japanese.)

Love it when the bug you've been struggling to find for over a week is caused by a single character...

@nydel I haven't updated in a while but going to try to get back into blogging this week: jonstoler.me (or alternatively huggable.tech)

Wow, it's been a while, Mastodon. Sorry for leaving unannounced for like 2 whole months (!!)

Anyway, I'm gonna try to be active and engage with the Mastodon community again.

So, to start, what did I miss? What's the coolest/most interesting/best thing you did since thanksgiving?

@devurandom How does this work?

Are you doing micro USB out => USB-C to mimic a wired pro controller?

@Eisbar I keep waiting for the rest of the world to realize what a masterpiece this movie is.

There's truly nothing else like it.

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