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i need to buy more ram. 16 GB is not enough for my 3-4 IntelliJ Platform IDEs and Chrome

@znkd Ooh, this is great! Is it for a particular project, or just a cool idea you wanted to try? (Sorry if this is made obvious in the poster itself, I can't read Japanese.)

Love it when the bug you've been struggling to find for over a week is caused by a single character...

@nydel I haven't updated in a while but going to try to get back into blogging this week: (or alternatively

Wow, it's been a while, Mastodon. Sorry for leaving unannounced for like 2 whole months (!!)

Anyway, I'm gonna try to be active and engage with the Mastodon community again.

So, to start, what did I miss? What's the coolest/most interesting/best thing you did since thanksgiving?

@devurandom Wow, neat!

I totally forgot about the dock...

@devurandom How does this work?

Are you doing micro USB out => USB-C to mimic a wired pro controller?

@Eisbar I keep waiting for the rest of the world to realize what a masterpiece this movie is.

There's truly nothing else like it.

For this week's blog post, I did a color scheme analysis of Adventure Time's title cards:

Next week I'll be doing a similar analysis for the frames of the episodes themselves!

Also it's helpful if you, like, forget to turn your screen off when you go to bed or whatever.

I normally have it set up, but I recently updated my phone and haven't copied my keys over yet. :(

Okay, yes I did.

To be precise, I only crashed the display service on my computer. But I have no other way or controlling it.

Kids, install and setup SSH from your phones so you can pkill non-terminating programs!

Oops I may have crashed my computer due to INTENSE ADVENTURE TIME ANALYSIS

LB: I did one of my undergraduate theses about time travel, and this is the best way to view it, for a variety of reasons.

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Another time travel idea that I found very entertaining is the one from HPMOR (about time turners): you can never *change* the past, there is no separate past/present/future, reality is just computed in one swoop in a self-consistent way.

@Zero_Democracy I think people conflate their hate of Twitter with their love for Mastodon.

Like, we all want to see Twitter go down for a variety of reasons, and we all want to support Mastodon. But at least for me, these two are not in opposition - I hated Twitter before I heard about Mastodon, and I'm still using Twitter despite wanting to see Mastodon succeed.

One of these weeks I'll blog about how I want others to treat my food allergies, because I think nearly everyone gets it wrong (imo the "right way" to talk about it is counterintuitive, not their fault).

Is that something others would be interested in reading?

I feel for y'all with food allergies/restrictions who have to spend time on this food-centric holiday with family/others who may not understand, care about, or prioritize your needs. Stay strong!

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Everyone add me on Pocket Camp! <3 (feel free to boost!)

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I'm so happy to be part of a community that values gopher as much as I do!

@grainloom Personal belief/style: although I find it extremely clever that lua enables you to leave out parentheses in many cases, I never do!

I used to do it for brackets but not quotes (brackets almost look like parentheses anyway) but I don't even do that anymore.