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Twidere does not fetch all past toots when refreshed, leading to broken up timelines (especially for local/federated, since they move so fast). Once it skips toots, there's seemingly no way to force them to load.

Any alternative recommendations? What client do people use on ?

Wrote my first program in Rust!

Ported from a small Node script, and boy is Rust faster haha

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I'm home from school
eclipse is bad
- a very good haiku

I try to stay positive on Mastodon but not this time Show more

I try to stay positive on Mastodon but not this time Show more

Just learned about punycode in URLs:

It's a good, relatively simple solution to a real problem!

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neocities archives your sites into IPFS on your behalf and that is really freaking cool

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okay yeah we have basically all of the :nes_link: emojos now :nes_fire:

PSA for everyone getting hyped about Stranger Things / Mario Odyssey / etc:

Mastodon has Content Warnings - please use them when you're posting a spoiler!

Update: I got Mastodon running in an Ubuntu VM without docker.

Not ideal, but it's running, sorta. URL redirects aren't working correctly but that should be easy to fix I hope.

Maybe when 2.0.1 comes out it'll run in docker for me...

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Actually, you're thinking of GNU/Frankenstein's Monster.

I don't remember which one of you it was, but a few days ago someone tooted that Ghost I-IV by NIN was good work music.

You were right, kind stranger! 👻 ❤

Dear Android,

When I spell a word right but don't capitalize it, that's not a spelling mistake.

I may be mostly made out of the stuff, but I'm not very good about drinking water...

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holy shit

this was a real limited edition feature phone sony made

i want more thigns with this aesthetic plz

I'm following as many of my fellow Animal Crossing fans as I can today, but I probably missed some.

If you or someone you know loves AC, hit me up, let's be buds!

For the evening crowd: I'm still struggling to set up Mastodon with - stuck on the assets:precompile step.

Errno::EACCES: Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir - /mastodon/public/assets/doorkeeper

Can anyone help? /mastodon, /mastodon/public, and /mastodon/public/assets are all 991:991 so I'm very confused.

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In the time it took my wifi to connect, I forgot what I was going to toot about.

So you get this boring one instead.

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