@KevinHoctor @wookiee @echoz …okay, I need to make a very expensive visit to a liquor store in the near future.

@renef @bigzaphod @kilian I keep three fingers together, slide them underneath as I take the watch off my wrist.

@renef @bigzaphod @kilian I’ve done it in the past and I tried it again before I said that just to be sure. I wear my watch pretty snug, I don’t think that’s a factor. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@bigzaphod @kilian If you're careful it's pretty easy to remove a Watch and keep it from locking—just quickly put your fingers behind it. I've also picked up my Watch and found in unexpectedly unlocked—in that case I think it's a matter of being on just the right surface (wood?) and then unlocking because I unlocked my phone. Also: I would really love to not have to type my passcode every time I put it on! With Face ID (or even in-screen Touch ID) it could work like iPhone in that regard.

@pixel I saw that, then I looked at "What is low volume and high volume?" It's based on the *federated* timeline, not just activity from your own server. I don't entirely get what determines the sources but it seems like it could get expensive very quickly.

@danvpeterson @VioletPixel @chartier I think "servers" is a better word choice if you're trying to explain the service from a more technical standpoint. Web servers and email servers are familiar concepts; people get that they're run separately but communicate with each other. Sure you could have more than one instance running on a server, but if you're not a person running an instance then… who cares 🤷🏻‍♂️

@VioletPixel @chartier More importantly, no matter what you call it, you're going to have to explain how it works, that these separate servers can all be a part of your personal feed. Calling them communities would save you from having to explain "instances" too—it's a friendly term that will give people a familiar concept to start from.

@VioletPixel @chartier I don't agree that there aren't barriers. If I follow a web link to a different instance it's not at all clear how to interact with anything on that instance. I also think we're well past the point where people think of separate communities as a significant barrier to communication—there are so many ways different communities flow together constantly, especially on other social media sites.


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