I keep thinking about going by another first name for a while. Something androgynous would be nice

I haven't been on Mastodon for a while and there's a very prolific spambot on the local timeline. Surprised this hasn't happened before

I also need to Do Somethng about the video games situation because it's bad.

I need to get therapy or antidepressants in 2019 man

I mean the real thing I should do is find a creative outlet and/or start reading so I don't refresh my twitter page 20 times looking for a content hit

I should start writing in notebooks or keeping a diary again

could I see myself getting it? yeah. but I can twist my brain into pretzels to justify a lot of garbage. isn't this just that?

whenever I see someone sharing poetry on my Twitter, I just don't get it at all

you ever have to write shit that isn't just customer service copy crap and detest yourself for a hot thirty minutes

I'm so bad at dealing with people suggesting something that I thought I made extremely clear

I know I can't write a good tweet but there's some people who write content so bad that I can't wait for the cringe in 5-10 years

just finished my first day of working from home. only 18.5 more days left

I also have a job interview on Wednesday for my maybe-next position and I honestly could have done with it being next week

starting working from home for the next month tomorrow and ughhhhhhh

moved back home again today. hopefully this will be a good move and now the start of a new depressive spiral for me lol

I have used my Doc Martens boots annoyingly little this year because I'm scared about tearing them like I did my first pair. If anyone's got any tips or has guidance on how to maintain a pair, hmu

I just got back from a run where I helped two tourists find their way to a hotel. I had to run past them coming the other way later (as they were walking past it) and they give me a big thumbs up so that's my week made

if anyone has the hot scoops of how to move to the U.S., hmu

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