Here's my instance: - it feels nice to finally have somewhere I feel good to publish things (I just need to figure out what to write now)

So this weekend I discovered Plume: it's a federated blogging platform which is effectively a decentralized answer to Medium. And it's written in Rust 😍

Hey fediverse! Is anybody else using on iOS? All of a sudden I can’t post “normal” emojis, am I missing something here?

> Listening to that other voice is THE most important thing in creativity, whether you’re an engineer or a musician.

Thinking about moving to a more specific Mastodon server: maybe a community focused on privacy, internet security and/or free software. Does anybody have any suggestions? What’s the best way to discover new instances these days?

Is there even a semblance of value in offer to the user in exchange for “giving” their mobile phone number to Twitter?

Back in England for the first time in almost a year. Realized that I’ve missed place names like Puddletown and Sixpenny Handley.

> The Silicon Valley gospel of “disruption” has descended into caricature, but, at its core, there are some sound tactics buried beneath the self-serving bullshit.

Facebook “will become undeletable crapware on billions of Android devices”:

It’s now even less feasible than ever to use Chrome without being tracked by Google:

Been playing with Membrane framework today:
I'd love to build streaming software with Elixir/OTP but the risk of a badly behaved C library blowing up the entire virtual machine feels like a significant blocker. 😕

Another simple Phoenix feature that I like very much. In `Phoenix.Controller.redirect`:
> For security, :to only accepts paths. Use the :external option to redirect to any URL.

Is there such a thing as a modern, _lightweight_ front-end JavaScript framework?

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