If you haven't read For A New Liberty by Murray Rothbard yet, make it your next read. Even if you don't agree with libertarianism, it will help you broaden your perspective on many important issues.

Bitcoin has changed my life. It opened my eyes to economy issues I've never even noticed before, but that only scratched the surface. I started digging deeper into nature of human societies and how they've evolved and how they're structured. It empowered me to look for more ways to help people avoid the dangers of tyrannical structures. It gave my life a new mission and meaning.

For that I'll be forever grateful to Satoshi, whoever that might be.

Blockchain is a fad. I'm just glad Bitcoin is not about blockchain.

LinkedIn has got to be the crappiest social network quality-wise. Tons of bugs, UX is terrible, they keep trying to force me to download the equally crappy app.

No wonder I never go there just to check, I always need a good reason to.

I think it might finally be a good time to get back on social media. Weak hands are mostly out, get rich quick crowd is out, price will not be a popular topic.

What baffles me is the persistence of shitcoiners though.

Finally deleted my Coinbase account. Feels good!

You deserve nothing, unless you worked hard for something.

@bisq_network now works on Linux-enabled Chromebooks! No issues so far on my Pixelbook other than lack of high-dpi support.

"Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are con… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1034456802317029381

Spent a few days with Galaxy Watch, here are my impressions:

- Performance, battery, fluidity blows every other watch out of the water.
- I really like this UI concept, perfectly suited for this form factor.
- Samsung still sucks at software quality. Many small bugs.
- Setup process is a little bloated, had to install a bunch of different apps from the Play Store just to get it working.
- Non-stock software is absolutely terrible. You're stuck with what you get in the box.

have a nice piece brewing on PoS versus PoW which should settle the issue.

most critiques of PoW / arguments for PoS are so misguided, they fall apart like wet tissue paper.

Lord grant me better critics so I can face a real challenge one of these days.

Apple Folds To China Censorhsip, Pulls 25,000 Apps From China AppStore https://quitter.im/url/1294156
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