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Baffled by random hostilities 

The rate at which people are getting "cancelled" in social justice discourse is incredible. I saw a toot from someone saying Erika Moen needed to be shipped to Mars and I was like, I can't keep up, what did she do? It's not like there's a cancelled person search engine

dogs having fun 

@logoninternet the dog pool is an incredible and blessed thing

If you're a mainstream publication you should be holding at least as many interviews with Posadists as you do with white supremacists

@stevestreza SC is probably going to meet at least two or three criteria for the anthropological definition of a cult

Starfleet UX designers learned that if they didn't make some bridge consoles explode, captains would ignore damage until the shields failed.

@bigzaphod the bots on here are fun to play with - like the interactive treasure chest @chest_bot

@ben_hr why's this one cancelled, i'm assuming he's been cancelled

*Hans Zimmer plays as I try to drive through this parking garage while refreshing Mastodrama and only damaging the cars of rich people*

@keithzg though I did realise I had a WP_DEBUG_LOG running and it was about 1TB in size because WooCommerce is a fucking nightmare shitstorm of a plugin

@keithzg spent half a day banging my head against the wall. And nah the virtual host isn't configured anywhere near sensibly enough that tailing the log works.

@bowers it's HTTP but not at all recently. Plugin is `ip-based-login` and apparently its developer has never heard of the idea of logging errors. Works fine in dev but not prod

There is a reasonable chance there might be some WordPress people on here - any debugging advice when a plugin's options page white-screens & wp_debug: true etc don't give any results?

@belegdel oh boy it would be quicker to summarise the complete works of Charles Dickens

Celeb nonsense 

*surveys the carnage* Wil Wheaton ruins everything

Americans are asleep. Post pictures of Australian wildlife.

Folks I am also for the redpandas

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