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Using Docker:
Step 1: I’m an idiot
Step 2: I’m a wizard
Step 3: no I was right the first time

Guh... there’s so much stuff I want to say about cultural appropriation, but I think I will refrain. I think both masto and birdsite don’t allow enough characters to express everything fully. I just wish people could understand how complicated the topic is, not just lay down blanket statements.

Also if your mixed race it’s especially complicated, but no one wants to acknowledge that...

I've realised that some non-English-English speakers may be confused by the British reaction to Mark Zuckerberg sending other people in his place after his invitation to speak to the UK Parliament

While "you are invited to Parliament to speak on this subject" may be interpreted as "we'd like you come and talk if it's not too much bother" to some foreign ears, the phrase actually means "COME HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND YOU LITTLE SHIT AND EXPLAIN YOURSELF"

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall

This is the original comp for Latona IPA. Latona turned the villagers into toads after they refused to give her water. These two are making the best of it.
, , frogs

Previous weekend I've found a very cool graffiti in an unexpected place

/\ /\
{ `---' }
{ O O }
~~> V <~~
\ \|/ /
/ \ \_
{ }\ )_\_ _
| \_/ |/ / \_\_/ )
\__/ /(_/ \__/

@Krita ‏ 4.0 is here!

A new brush set from @davidrevoy SVG support on vector layers, combined brushes, Python scripting and the spanking new Colorize Mask Tool makes this one of the most exciting releases yet.

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