Some details about the fixed bug symptoms:

* Some invoices would not have been marked paid despite getting paid
* Some invoices would reuse the same address as another invoice
* The checkout page failing to show on-chain payment method

All those case would have resulted in some complaints from your customer.
It seems nobody reported it. But just in case, you should update.

@surfrndk @alrs I came to Silicon Valley in '93, worked at companies that helped build out the Internet infrastructure. Those were heady days, for sure. It's a good thing Silicon Valley got its name back then; today it would have been called "JavaScript Alley" 😂


1. Find some shit you want to fix in crypto
2. Fix it
3. Show you fixed it in the portfolio
4. Get the job

I think at this point, Facebook have just accepted they're digging themselves a deeper and deeper grave. Their plan is actually to tunnel all the way through the earth

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@chrispalasz @rockstardev I think you just add it with the regular add-image button, but I've never tried.

@rockstardev a gif... how... Where’s the option to add a gif on Mastodon?! 😮

Emergency support email from my VPS provider. Or is it? Notice the X-mailer header is set to a line from the rickrolling song... 🤔

(Seriously, it's legit but it made me laugh.)

We need to make a thread of everyone from Slack that now has account here: @NicolasDorier @kukks

@NicolasDorier it'll be curious to see how well that model would work considering history... like Stumbleupon for example. Reddit is the only site that managed to somewhat decentralize community... still, even that "success" ended up as bunch of dictatorship hubs.


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