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I don't know what I am doing right now and therefore I cannot be held responsible for my following actions:

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Critics say he's a devilishly handsome young man with a cardboard box for a head. Transhumanists call him a staunch anti-robot-rights activist who must be stopped at any cost. His doodles are up on display on the wall behind some obscure museum in Paris no one ever heard of. Born and bred a metalhead, he's also a three-time mosh pit champion. He is... a mildly interesting man somewhere in the world.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.
Who am I to diss a brie?
I've traveled the world and the cheddar seas...

Totally digging a computer terminal as the keyhole instead of more doors.

If a dying BIOS battery isn't enough of a reason to start using NTP, I don't know what will light that fire.

I should try to work on my strategy skills. I suck at these sorts of video games.

I was just looking at that toot! Stop disappearing on me!

Think I'll start with OOP. Even people on track to graduate this semester still can't grok objects and when they'd use them.

If I were to start writing a blag, what sort of content would folk like to see? It's a stupid question because I'd be writing what I'd want to write but this is more of a "help me whittle down my choices" kind of question.

I would like to start seeing about aiming at undergrads and helping them learn the concepts the classes aren't helping with. Any tips?

I should probably stop making Lawful characters for our group.

I cast Command on a boss and he successfully laid prone. Arsonist Knight then took this opportunity to chop his head off. Wish I could say that would be the only one she lopped off that night.

Then the rogue wants to keep the heads for a collection along with the vampire heads. Fricken' elves, man...

Is that big of a genre in Japan that albums have locale-specific bonus tracks?

I keep forgetting that half the reason a lot of a person's "toots" don't show up when I view their profile via Mastodon Web is that they're using a service with a different scope like Friendica specifically.

Somewhat of an odd thing since Peertube appears here seamlessly.

Is there some sort of scientifically-named law that applies where your grade on an assignment is inversely proportional to the amount of effort put into it?

@Marzimaned Only thing that could make it greater is a car with this one right after it

Im losing my goddamn mind i just saw this in front of my car

At this point my system may as well be Pathfinder with a sprinkle of Risk.

Would it kill a lot of fans to not use Blogspot for their blogs?

It feels like "Nazi" is used as a scare-word the same way "Socialist/Communist" is by the other side as a way to rile up against people who hold possibly subjectively less-than-ideal opinions.

And now Powerwolf covering Gary Moore. Internet radio continues to surprise.

Ease of discovering features is one feature *well-done* GUIs have. They show you what is possible rather than relying on you diving into an unstructured text file.

A lot of the time, a command-line interface is best for programs that will not be used interactively. Or executed by humans for that matter. More often than not (in my experience), I'm spending more time in the manual pages figuring out how to make a program do what I want.

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