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I don't know what I am doing right now and therefore I cannot be held responsible for my following actions:

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Critics say he's a devilishly handsome young man with a cardboard box for a head. Transhumanists call him a staunch anti-robot-rights activist who must be stopped at any cost. His doodles are up on display on the wall behind some obscure museum in Paris no one ever heard of. Born and bred a metalhead, he's also a three-time mosh pit champion. He is... a mildly interesting man somewhere in the world.

I should totally make my own tabletop roleplaying system.

Wonder how accessible a load of cube dice would be. Just mooch them out of a Yahtzee set?

@natecull I’m convinced that if you could ever have an honest conversation with those tech companies, it boils down to literally two (just two) reasons for handing over all the private data:

1) we like emojis and it’s hard to do it in IRC

2) none of our in-house sysops know how or want to maintain our own infrastructure anymore thanks to containers or AWS

It’s bling & The Great Unlearning, that’s it

That feeling when you're not as original as you hoped you were.

My WIP conscript for a turned out to be a left-to-right ripoff of the Adlam alphabet.

Sorry, stinkbugs, but my lamp is reserved for the moths. So get out of there.

Is it me or do socio-political-related tech rants tend to get boosted and fave'd a lot more than other kinds of toots on Mastodon?

The Editor Wars still live on. It's not a Vim v. Emacs thing anymore. It's Atom versus the battle-tested.

omg did I just hear "something robust like Eclipse" in the background?

Note: Never let me come up with a plan that involves fire. "Oh I know! Let's use some tactics and instead of beating up this literal shambling pile of trash, let's light it on fire!"

Arsonist Knight's on board and rolled a natural 20 on throwing the torch I passed him at the garbage.

Sure did backfire (pun intended) when it shambled close enough to wham on me.

RIP "Brother Crunk", you were a good first character.

TIL ability score modifiers are related to but aren't part of the ability score themselves. Well that sucks and drops my starting hit points to 9.

Crap crap oh crap oh crap a paper's due tomorrow morning!

Even the college's president is comparing me to Jack Black. How does this little old lady even know what Tenacious D is?

TIL Adobe Flex got handed down considering Flash is becoming more of a thing of the past.

On second thought, that's a bit silly putting the main puzzle off on a staircase for no reason. Let's crank this up a notch with a sunken altar.

People may rant about how "masculine" tech and that's without them knowing the network utility "dig" stands for "domain information groper".

How am I going to make a puzzle out of this?

"Put on your 3D glasses and get ready!"

Attn. anyone teaching in education:

Please stop using MS Word documents as a digital worksheets. Heck, worksheets probably aren't even a good idea outside of elementary school. Just a simple questions sheet and leaving someone to write the answers on a separate sheet will do just fine.

Why does LibreOffice have to run like rank ass? Can't turn off autocompletions and autocorrections without it still getting rid of punctuation, slow as crap, takes forever converting MS Word documents to PDF...

I swear most of these text processors are intended to slow people down. It doesn't help since a lot of profs use them as a form of "digital worksheet" for students to fill in.

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