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This is mainly an "insider" reference, but if someone cares to keep up with my faaaaabulous chickenscratch, I keep a feed around for that.


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Looks like I never got around to any so here goes...

The name's Box O'Rocks. "rocx" works better. Pronounced /'ษนษ‘.ks/, like "rocks". I'm an undergrad mastering the subtle art of computing. Common Lisp and Java are my specialties with a dash of Ruby. Anything else that garners my interest will be in the domain of (both natural and constructed), music, mathematics, and that sweet blend of simplicity and power.

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Critics say he's a devilishly handsome young man with a cardboard box for a head. Transhumanists call him a staunch anti-robot-rights activist who must be stopped at any cost. His doodles are up on display on the wall behind some obscure museum in Paris no one ever heard of. Born and bred a metalhead, he's also a three-time mosh pit champion. He is... a mildly interesting man somewhere in the world.

Well... Segfaults in -lang probably means I'm doing something very wrong.

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quake sucks, everyone knows unreal tournament is better

In life, there are two types of people: winners, those who random chance favors, and losers, the opposite. Today, I found out than I am a loser.

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>consider not calling other people's solutions awful

i will, once they stop being awful

"Add NEWELT to the list stored in the generalized variable PLACE. This is morally equivalent to (setf PLACE (cons NEWELT PLACE)), except that PLACE is only evaluated once (after NEWELT)."

Morally...equivalent? Morals on the API level...

@algernon Just caught the Ergodox EZ section on your blog. Noticing you're shilling for the Keyboardio now but here goes..

I keep hearing how the Ergodox's thumb keys aren't very friendly to folk with small hands. Do they work well for you and is it because your hands are big enough?

I apologize for that outtake. Union types are something to simply be cautious of. Gonna give a real shot this time.

Okay wow. It's like Ruby without one of Ruby's biggest features: loose types. Maybe a good feature if you don't come from a Lispist background.

If a method *can* return Nil instead of, say, a TCPSocket, then you can't just use TCPSocket#gets willy nilly. Is `loop do` even current? It's an error when I try to compile that but it's still in the docs.

I know syntax compatibility's not the goal for Crystal, but "compatible with Ruby" my ass. None of my scripts work out of the box. Even my jury-rigged gopher daemon.

No wait how do I do half of my misspellings when it's a key on the other half of the board? It ain't an "essay about ducks"-level of mistake.

Sheesh. My typing, no, my grammar is deteriorating. Could it be some sort of lag between thinking and mashing buttons to put those thoughts down?

Oh snap. There's a Crystal package in the Void Linux repos. Don't mind if I do...

If anyone asks is not angered, but curious about your differences, do not explain your reasons. This curiosity will quickly become anger.

Your refusal to use mainstream services that are big on that will be a red flag to most people. Even the fact you use, say, DDG or Searx compared to the only search engine in modern society will anger them. Why? Wouldn't it be nice to not get bitched at about it for once?

Keep the appearnce of conformity. The fewer people you anger in your alternative digital lifestyles, the better.

Genuine protip for anyone in the tech field (development or security especially):

Do NOT try to point out flaws of the surveillance system to "normal people".

No one cares about keeping themselves digitally secure. No one will care unless it directly affects them. No one believes that their information being traded like a commodity directly affects them.

Do what you can to protect yourself. Protecting more than that is a lost cause.

"The call him rocx, Ruiner of Fun." (also c/w for a slur) Show more

Sweet! 500 toots!


Dammit, now it's 501.

That satisfactory feeling when your inserters in Factorio sway to the beat of your music.