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Critics say he's a devilishly handsome young man with a cardboard box for a head. Transhumanists call him a staunch anti-robot-rights activist who must be stopped at any cost. His doodles are up on display on the wall behind some obscure museum in Paris no one ever heard of. Born and bred a metalhead, he's also a three-time mosh pit champion. He is... a mildly interesting man somewhere in the world.

Yeesh. Am I developing an accent or something? My family makes fun of me for how I say a lot of words. Some people ask if I'm Canadian. Others ask if I'm Pennsylvanian or German.

Being born in The South™, as it turns out, doesn't guarantee that Alabama drawl that folk come to expect.

The only thing I can understand about the story of this game is "Uncle Fester has to save the city from an alien invasion". wtf?

Good thing I wasn't born in the '80s. What a weird time that was.

"It's not like fortune and adventure is going to throw itself in your path."

"Then what do you call THAT blocking my way?"

Tired: sunken ships buried in the ocean.


Protip: Don't trust a villager. Keep your personal belongings in a locked or hidden chest. Keep your livestock separate from their's. Gate your fields away from their grubby little farmers who can't properly rotate their crops.Their big noses have certain connotations.

...such as the fact they like sticking it in your business every hour, on the hour. It's like the first use of my iron will be an iron door.

This, kids, is why you don't play Minecraft on hardcore mode. Game will try to screw you over in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.

Never thought I'd ever want to take an axe to these Testificates. Today surprised me as the only available carrot was taken away from me as one of those big-nosed hosers harvested it right as I clicked. Bugger got punched by accident by now it was the right decision when you're starving from hunger.

A dream position: any in which I can say "no, sorry, we do not support Microsoft Windows"

I should illustrate something for real at some point especially if it takes almost no time to do.

Don't know why but just installed AisleRiot and have been on a solitaire binge for some reason during class. Send help.

Welp. Wrote my first real "use case" of a macro. Probably overkill. Mainly because repetitive calls to a function around a single variable gets old real fast and an flet only did so much alone. All that's left is to figure out a better way of dealing with the arguments of puts so it doesn't solely treat it as a list.

Protip: An equalizer can even make a 128kbps MP3 sound better. Never thought these headphones could "oomph" on the drums but turns out it's the music format limiting that.

Whoops now we're in a game of "What Word Is This?". Should it be "tardío" instead of "después"?

Duolingo must be doing me some good because mi Español está todavía bien semanas después sin practicando.

(Grammar on the other hand may still be lacking and turns out now I understand what a gerund is.)

Seeing "Anglish" as a language option and then seeing some tihngs written with it, it feels like it makes a whole lot more sense than the mess known as Modern English.

...Enough sense even if the translation seems like a hackjob of an attempt.

Is "Disneyland" *really* a word of Anglo-Saxon origin, Wikipedia? :thaenkin:

Man this ain't right. Even singleplayer Minecraft lags as if it were multiplayer.

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