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Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing beef ramen flavoring packets.

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Critics say he's a devilishly handsome young man with a cardboard box for a head. Transhumanists call him a staunch anti-robot-rights activist who must be stopped at any cost. His doodles are up on display on the wall behind some obscure museum in Paris no one ever heard of. Born and bred a metalhead, he's also a three-time mosh pit champion. He is... a mildly interesting man somewhere in the world.

Oh for fu-

I forgot to back up my DOOM WAD extracting/installing script!

Sweet. Shaved 9GiB off. Gonna go replace that with Final Fantasy 8 for my RetroPie.

Dude imagine how much space I can get by deleting all this Photoshop stuff for a class I no longer need.


No joke, I am this close to diving in the deep end to build my own stupid keyboard.

Sometimes, would it kill some keyboard designers to include a number row while we're at it? Some of us play the occasional video game, mate!

Is an ergonomic keyboard that DOESN'T bind F1-F12 as a separate layer too much to ask for?

Man looks at federated timeline, "There are some things no person was meant to see."

What the heck is going on underground if one of Minecraft's "spooky dark cavern" sounds is gears and chains?

Finally a reason to learn me some LΓ–VE2D and Fennel!

"PUNCH your way through hordes of goblins clad in leotards and sweaty knights! Claim your booty and earn your TITLE BELT from the Dark Lord in...


Video game idea: a classical RPG but battles involve a Punch-Out!! style boxing match.

Hot damn! Advent of Code 2018's Day 1: Part 2 just got optimized as hell compared to the original naΓ―ve solution! That way took 11 seconds to for execution from start to finish. With my "buckets" method, 0.38 seconds.

Keep chugging out those articles about how JS is negatively affecting the Web, folks. Sure is doing us a lot of good when more and more sites are requiring it just to load text and images. πŸ™ƒ

Oh dang today was my last final. You know what that means? SLEEPIN' IN 'TIL NOON, BOYS AND/OR GIRLS!

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