"It's not like fortune and adventure is going to throw itself in your path."

"Then what do you call THAT blocking my way?"

Tired: sunken ships buried in the ocean.


I should illustrate something for real at some point especially if it takes almost no time to do.

Welp. Wrote my first real "use case" of a macro. Probably overkill. Mainly because repetitive calls to a function around a single variable gets old real fast and an flet only did so much alone. All that's left is to figure out a better way of dealing with the arguments of puts so it doesn't solely treat it as a list.

Need to get back into some practice but all tht keeps coming out is...no idea what it is but you get the idea with goofy faces.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done for. Wait no not literaAAAAGH!

What went into this update where I can't retire on a small island without getting picked off by... tridents?

Dude. Where you even trying to hide your stash? :yikes:

I forgot how boring my laptop is when there's nothing on the screen.

Guess it pays to figure out the strategy. Wiggle his eyebrows, go for the face, but don't hit up on the pad too early or else he'll block. Get that star! Then once you've stunned him in a counter attack, go for the super punch! How one took him down from ΒΎ bar of health beats me.

That... That actually worked. All with this dinky spud shooter. Settles the debate then.

Gee, Thanks, for not generating adequate amounts of fuel for an early-game "base". If this were a movie, I'd call it "Dude, Where's My Coal?".

Reading input from a pad is... strobing an address, then reading it eight times, marking the 0th bit of each time as 1 if that key is pressed.

Thought I was being creative using the CPU's carry flag for temporary storage of that bit. Turns out it's basically *the* way to read input.

*throws hands into the air*

*door opening and slamming shut followed by the sound of glass shattering and a game console falling past the window*

The kind of game where I beat the cow and win the cow with no strings?

Um... The kind of game where I finally beat the boss and win the cow with no further strings attached I hope?

The kind of game where I finally beat the boss and win the game with no strings attached.

Finally found my old copy of Animal Crossing on the Cube of Games.

It's been so long that all the remaining villagers are surprised to see me after a "120-month vacation". That dates the last save to around.... 2008. That'd explain the Gyroid at my front door spewing a meme appropriate for that era.

I'd like to invent time travel just to punch 2008 rocx in the head.

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