Well there's one advantage of still experimenting: you discover a new trick every time. Such as accidentally discovering a new color to use for outlines and to use a gradient as the whole color instead of actually coloring things in.

Still looks like utter trash though.

> tfw you trigger a trap upon stepping into the Mastodon Pantheon

LaTeX once again proves itself a worthy opponent as I write a homebrew Pathfinder campaign for the group. Like something so basic took forever to get right!

Aw ye! Finally got my pieces in! Now it's time to...find someone to play DnD/Pathfinder with.

Gasp! LibreOffice DOES have a form of MS Office's Ribbon!

...And it's just as bad as expected. Shame. The Ribbon is actually nicely done.

League Mono's not that bad of a font. Wished the periods, commas, and asterisks were less general blurry mess but that's probably a fact of life when you're still on 1366x768.


By far, Red Death has to be the silliest campaign officially written for . Trains, guns, dollars, and worst of all, real-world names and places. It's just a supernatural period-piece!

Totally digging a computer terminal as the keyhole instead of more doors.

"What? I'm going to need to make a butt ton of invisibility potions."

You can tell Valentine's Day is on its way. The trees are already blooming in pink for the occasion.

...totally out of season imho. 76°F for the day? Time to break out my Hawai'ian shirts.

Good game, $family_member. Except for the fact you screwed up bad enough I promoted three queens this match. That's just sheer negligence.

I need better things to do with my free time than to write a whole conversation to explain character generation. Especially "frail, dainty little wand-swingers" which seems funny picturing that in my head.

@v@cdmx.rocks @wasamasa Is this some new avatar trend that no one else seemed to hop on?

Turns out you R̈EALLY can make B̈R̈ÜT̈ÄL̈ accented letters by commands in .

TIL cassettes were still a thing in the '90s. Or maybe it's a modern release of a tape.

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