"Advertising is not annoying" is something you can only hear at a startup hive.

Now I want to get back into DOOM mapmaking. Saw an old screenshot of a lobby I made for an unfinished level as "hemmorage.png" and now it looks like something I'd play.

Wish more PDFs took advantage of including an index. Makes textbook navigation a lot more reasonable.

Fun fact: you definitely don't want a phantom following you to the Nether. Paranoia of heights, falling into magma, and accidentally smacking a pigfolk is already bad enough in this literal hellhole.

Never thought about how unreadable a conscript's version of cursive can get when you model the print version off of Latin/Greek/Cyrillic glyphs.

Wish modern society didn't even consider "Internet access" a given when it came to functioning in it. It's expensive and when you do have it, it's crap. Not even 20K here.

"It's not like fortune and adventure is going to throw itself in your path."

"Then what do you call THAT blocking my way?"

I should illustrate something for real at some point especially if it takes almost no time to do.

Welp. Wrote my first real "use case" of a macro. Probably overkill. Mainly because repetitive calls to a function around a single variable gets old real fast and an flet only did so much alone. All that's left is to figure out a better way of dealing with the arguments of puts so it doesn't solely treat it as a list.

Need to get back into some practice but all tht keeps coming out is...no idea what it is but you get the idea with goofy faces.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done for. Wait no not literaAAAAGH!

What went into this update where I can't retire on a small island without getting picked off by... tridents?

Dude. Where you even trying to hide your stash? :yikes:

I forgot how boring my laptop is when there's nothing on the screen.

Guess it pays to figure out the strategy. Wiggle his eyebrows, go for the face, but don't hit up on the pad too early or else he'll block. Get that star! Then once you've stunned him in a counter attack, go for the super punch! How one took him down from ΒΎ bar of health beats me.

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