One group project from one class involved several calls to an Item class's getItemName() method. Not only is that wrong using a getter, but hella redundant and I will personally give that slap to the next person who does that before I refactor that class to something sensible.

For anyone thinking of teaching Java to undergrads:

Quit infusing bad practices into them. They're going to get a slap in the face from anyone outside the college and complain that "b-b-but that's the way we always done it/we were taught!" in tears.

Hmmm... emmet-mode or Slim templates? Decisions, decisions...

Oh for fu-

I forgot to back up my DOOM WAD extracting/installing script!

Sweet. Shaved 9GiB off. Gonna go replace that with Final Fantasy 8 for my RetroPie.

@11backslashes An old digital media class from what can officially be called "last semester". Ended with video voodoo in Photoshop. Talk about not fun and crashes every few minutes...

Dude imagine how much space I can get by deleting all this Photoshop stuff for a class I no longer need.

@wilfredh How long did it take to convince them out of the piece of trash known as Eclipse?


@kensanata That sword certainly keeps up to date with bleeding-edge enchantments.

No joke, I am this close to diving in the deep end to build my own stupid keyboard.

Sometimes, would it kill some keyboard designers to include a number row while we're at it? Some of us play the occasional video game, mate!

Is an ergonomic keyboard that DOESN'T bind F1-F12 as a separate layer too much to ask for?

Man looks at federated timeline, "There are some things no person was meant to see."

@v This encounter has caught me off guard: the second I step foot out of the shower, dripping wet. I take this turn to put on my robe and wizard hat. Can my foe do a blindness check after seeing me nude?

@JordiGH Action figures are just dolls with a more appealing name. :^)

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