At least there's EIEIO for Lisp to serve as my crutch until I can grok Lisps again.

The more I tinker with JavaScript, the more I see a half-assed attempt at Lua or Scheme.

OOP has infested my train of thought so badly I can't even do a proper Lisp function anymore.

Today, I learned I tried to get into back in 2006 after receiving a "starters box". Guess I never found anyone to play it with. On the bright side, it's not the dreaded 4e.

Luftrausers: a game where you rause lufts. Definitely a good game, loved it when it was originally a Flash game, 11/10 would recommend.

Minecraft 1.14's definitely going to be one of those "big breaking" changes. An infamous 4th edition sort of change.

Like taking minutes just to spin the game up and load up a world. Like the fact my beautiful spawn-in-a-village seed no longer works like intended. No blacksmith houses, no saddles. A lava block spawns right near a house and burns half of the town to the ground.

Is there no more option to disable analytics?

@Nucleotyde Not an incorrect observation. Especially when it's normal for everyone to zoom 60+mph in a 45mph zone.

And then you get pulled over because you're "going too slow and being a danger".

What's the point of having speed limits posted when a load of reckless drivers can decide on a new top speed?

People: "Urgh, another Avengers movie?"

Also people: "Stoked to see the new Avengers movie!"

Local timeline's all up about that James of Tones show.

What's nice about not watching it is that people "spoil" it on the Internet and I have no idea who anyone is or why I should care about them getting shanked.

@matus You keep trying to pull it out but it's stuck in there good. You might get some more leverage if your other leg wasn't also knee-deep in another butt.

@JordiGH It'd be a painful endurance challenge for us because our cartridge's battery died.

Replacing it may as well require us to desolder the battery holder.

Put that thing back where it came from or so help me--!

Guess some SQL work got easier as soon as I discovered `create table if not exists table_name`.

@technomancy The astronomy section's a little lacking. Don't they still teach Pluto in school?

One of these days, Pluto will be a planet again and I will be crowned king for my unsurpassed vision.

@PseudoMon Not usually and not frequently. Probably happens the most because this is the largest instance. Smaller ones might be less apt to get these kind of spammers.

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