@algernon Crystal's nice. In my experience, old Advent of Code programs in it had a tendency to have faster startup and execution than an equivalent in C. Maybe a fluke. Maybe LLVM. Maybe because I wrote terrible C.

Great if you like Rubyist syntax with strong typing.

Whoops now we're in a game of "What Word Is This?". Should it be "tardío" instead of "después"?

Duolingo must be doing me some good because mi Español está todavía bien semanas después sin practicando.

(Grammar on the other hand may still be lacking and turns out now I understand what a gerund is.)

Seeing "Anglish" as a language option and then seeing some tihngs written with it, it feels like it makes a whole lot more sense than the mess known as Modern English.

...Enough sense even if the translation seems like a hackjob of an attempt.

Is "Disneyland" *really* a word of Anglo-Saxon origin, Wikipedia? :thaenkin:

@wilfredh It was infuriating to use my college's Web site at first because of the mobile-first design. All the navigation was hidden behind mandatory JS which really felt bad.

It eventually became worthwhile to remember the important subdomains and use DDG's "site:" scoping keyword to find what isn't obvious. Everyone else is already punching in the college's initials at a certain popular search engine because URIs are hard so why not? 🙃

Man this ain't right. Even singleplayer Minecraft lags as if it were multiplayer.

Tired: Pigeonhole Principle
Wired: Rabbithole Principle

For a positive integer of rabbit holes, you somehow are able to put infininitely many rabbits into a single one.

A reässembled human, made from parts of cadavers, tries to bring another human, in whole, from the dead in a bizarre role reversal of Frankenstein.

When will this be coming out in theaters?

when someone asks you about your plans for the future but you thought you would have killed yourself by now

@dayglochainsaw Waitress: Hi welcome to Applebees, would you like apples or bees?
Me: uh. Bees?
*The whole restaurant begins chanting "Bees. Bees. Bees." While pounding on the tables, a deep buzzing can be heard from the kitchen.

oh my h*ck

YASnippet! Where have you been all my life?

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Until today, it has never crossed that mind that "not interested in pimple-popping" should be a qualifying trait of someone to go out with.

Man, how come DDG can point the location of an obscure restaurant on an OpenStreetMap page but I can't get anything when punching in an address directly into OSM?

@JordiGH "Solutions" is just enterprise mumbo jumbo to give them an excuse to make something so complex no single person can understand its architecture.

As for "apps", possibly somewhee in the early '80s. osnews.com/story/24882/The_His

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