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MiKTeX is a nice thing to have if you're stuck on a Windows box. Finally fixed up a visual bug involving a colored \parbox extending past the column's text width. Found out I could define a new length to remedy that.

\setlength{\coltextwidth}{\glueexpr\columnwidth - \columnsep}

@technomancy Those would honestly make me more scared for my life than... well I don't have a comparison but that'd be terrifying.

From experience around people like that, they're very quick to jump to conclusions and are even less apt to listen to you if it doesn't comply fully to their world view.

They're like an opposite-yet-same version of what they hate.

@matus If you use your phone to take pictures, and you're taking a picture of your picture-taking phone, then who was phone?


@tealturtle WHOA! JEez man you need to not spook up on us like that. Gonna give us a heart attack with that!

@matus He's a long way off into the sequel. You'll be there after this weekend regardless of homework count.

@matus Oh boy you'll get the chance to chuck rockets in his face eventually.

@Nucleotyde You might think you're bringing "dark energy" to your group but it could be worse. You could be like me.

You could have {emotional,mental} breakdowns in front of them after something unrelated breaks the camel's back.

Can someone ELI5 why this black hole picture is a big deal?

@nikola Maybe it would but this is straight up a <textarea> being pushed verbatim to a mysqli_query() function.

What could possibly go wrong?

Social media todo list:

* Photoshopping goatse hands onto the blackhole pic because nobody else will have thought of such a clever joke image

* Make preparation h jokes until everyone blacks me

* Post "Dude, that looks like a butthole" to every account I can access

@matus Lots of WADs do GZDoom-specific stuff so good call. Unfortunately, it lags on large or complex maps so that's why I stick with PrBoom+.

@Nucleotyde It does have a honey-ish tinge to it. They changed the recipe recently and I haven't had the chance to grab a new bottle to see how different it is.

@Nucleotyde If there's one nice thing about the "craft beer movement", it's that there actually is something that doesn't taste like metaphorical, statistical, or literal ass to a picky taster.

Mead ended up my drink. Brother's old scoutmaster worked at a local meadery and we had a case of it. Good stuff. βœ‹πŸ“¦πŸ‘Œ

@lordbowlich That ought to be an upcoming blog post. I'mma get cracking on it.

Guess one upcoming problem with DuckDuckGo is that searches are case-sensitive.

Looking up "AucTeX" yields no results, while "auctex" yields exactly what I'm looking for.

Only in our PHP class do we get the assignment that literally equates to exposing an SQL "REPL" to the friggen Internet.

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