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@ajr @mattcropp Illuminatus trilogy >>> atlas shrugged

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Casual survey: Boost if you want to kiss a girl, Fave if you want a girl to kiss you

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This is good for libertarians of all stripes. In the tories aping the grassroot tactics of Corbyn, they are essentially admitting that this is a superior form of political organization. This form of politics is more reliant on autonomous networked actors (anyone remember the shitty corporate memes for G. Johnson?) and is further evidence of a shift to networked society

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To anyone using crowdfunding sites to scrape by I suggest using goteo over commercial sites. Its non-profit and comes with a whole range of benefits

@Laurelai @Gargron federated instances of a pateron-esque app that can all donate to each other that all offer different services (and competing rates!) would be neato

reposting this because the server hosting it recently updated forcing me to go back and fix some stuff so its as good an excuse as any

@syndikalista dude australia had different coop laws for every state until like the 90s making it basically impossible for interstate coops

I wrote a piece on new forms of warfare and the response by the state. Check it out!

@thegudtam merging your identity with a charismatic leader is questionable at the best of times, doing it with someone who's legally authorized to direct people with guns is downright idiotic

hot take milton friedman is to the left of obama b/c he would have let the banks fail

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I just started reading anti-fragile by Nassim Taleb and its freaking fantastic. Should be mandatory reading for all would be radicals of any stripe (looking at you, Nick Srnicek)

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#MondayAnarchy #Anarchism I don't like universal or uniform templates for a post-state, post-capitalist social organization, whether it be markets, communism, syndicalism, municipalism or whatever. Whatever form society takes will be emergent from all the building blocks ppl are developing now, not the result of converting everybody to a common ideology. I consider myself an anarchist without adjectives.

@PizzaBourgeois this is bascially like that time in that Ayn Rand novel where the protagonist convinces the socialist to kill themselves because they can't Aristotelean logic