Ok, who's over here, because Jack on twitter is a douche?

Haven't posted here in a while.

How have things been?

#bashtip when you type some long ass one-liner in your shell that finally works add a comment to the end of it: somelongasscommand # oneliner
bash history throws away lines that Start with a # symbol, but stores them otherwise -- and treats them as comment until the end of the line. later, maybe days later, you can simply type ctrl+r and then start typing your comment. it will match and you can then simply press enter. ok, that's two tips ;-)

Seems to be more activity in the federated timeline than usual...hopefully that means more people active on Mastadon.

Dalton Prout gives us something to cheer for, in the last two seconds of the game.

What I would love to see Mastadon add: Yubikey integration.

Patrick Elias was the greatest NJ Devil forward. I'm glad he got to leave on his own terms.

Here's my daily post on Mastodon.

Ok, check that off the list.

I actually really like the UI of Mastadon - I find it preferable to Twitter and Facebook. G+ was great, then they ruined it with the new red "mobile" interface.

Taking a look back here again. I'd love to see this place catch on...

Things I'm still not used to in Australia:

The color of the money. I can't just glance at it, and recognize denomination by color. Also, the size of the different denominations is a little different. That's just weird.

Which way to look. When I cross the street, I look both ways, because looking in the direction traffic should be coming from still isn't instinctive.

Steering wheel on the right. I'm used to driving on the right, for the most part, but steering wheel on the right? Come on.

One twitter feature that I would like to see added here - the ability to block "reblogs".

4 km, today, in 32 minutes.

I am running, but I am not a runner. I am a cyclist who just doesn't have time to get on the bike, right now.

I do miss getting on the bike. But to be honest, having just moved to Australia from the US, I'm still learning how the traffic flows. Much lower chance of getting squished on a MUP whilst running, than there is of getting run over whilst riding my bike on the road.

I've already fallen in love with the 500 character limit. I can now speak in complete sentences (do I remember how?), and have somewhat nuanced conversations!

Now I just need people to talk to.

Kudos, btw, to the people who created Mastodon for Docker-izing it.

So, what's the deal with Mastodon?

Looking at it on github, I see I can spin up my own instance. Would that then be just a distributed node in Mastodon's network? Or would it be standalone?

Things I really like: 500 characters.

Things I don't: No notifications? Also, seemingly nobody here, yet, obviously. I feel some concern that there doesn't seem to be any tech community whatsoever - we're usually early adopters of good stuff.

I love having a 500 character limit - so much more liberating, compared to 140.

Of course, I also like a thriving community. I'm not seeing that here, so far.

A recruiter posted in my timeline, on Linkedin, the other day "Somebody unfollowed me because I said Hillary and all her followers are whiny losers".

Yup, I unfollowed you too, buddy. Although I voted for Hillary, I'm not her biggest fan, but you're clearly someone I do not ever want to work with.


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