Trump makes a miraculous recovery and resumes his campaign tomorrow.

‘My child won't eat fish, what can I replace it with?'

‘A cat. cats love fish'

What t-shirt slogan are you?

Bow down to your draconian illuminati overlords & destroy patriarchy 🤘

Fuck yeah

@hector @rogue_tr00per no. Don't judge movements by outliers. I don't support alm because right now not all lives need support because not all lives are being wronged. Blm is the product of a history of decades and decades that is yet to be changed. If blm supporters were maniac killers, i wouldn't talk to you I would ask you were you live. If blm supporters were fascists i wouldn't talk to you, i would bark at you like an ape

Unicorn Riot: **Jeep Drives Through Protesters on I-225 in Aurora, No Charges Filed**

"Aurora, CO — On Saturday evening during the rally and march for justice for Elijah McClain and in solidarity with Portland, a teal Jeep drove through the massive crowd on the northbound side of Interstate 225. The Jeep narrowly missed fleeing…"

#anarchism #bot

Everything you need to know about tear gas from a US Marine Marine Corps Veteran.

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