My Christmas Eve: Scrolling through the YouTube app and wondering if I should tap on "Dying Chimp Says Goodbye to Old Friend."

Call your doctor if your election lasts more than four days.

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My full Pewvember archive is up! For best results, hit all the play buttons at random and flail your limbs about wildly.

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This is a hoot, a Star Trek Read-Along Adventure without any of the dialogue or music from the movie. The uploader set it to footage from the movie.

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Actually, the farmer is named Bingo. The farmer's dog is called Bingo's Monster

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285 days since Space Force was founded. 285 days without an alien invasion. Think about it.

Now I can retire replicants while making everyone's safety my top priority.

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your periodic reminder that the solution to all the embedded racial and cultural problems in emoji is not to use emoji

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