Every goalkeeper become Buffon against Manchester United

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Feel free to use cross-posting in a way that helps Mastodon grow, i.e. copying posts from Mastodon to Twitter, but please avoid doing it the other way around, see our rules on that matter:


Thank you for understanding!

Ah those college days when i used to go for Metal concerts!

Zygnema, Bhayanak Maut, Demonic Resurrection, Scribe, Devoid?? Kidhar ho tum bhenchodon?

Need to try raising fund to up the metal culture in Mumbai.

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Now people will go behind Ayodhya verdict and forget all about the crumbling economy, which is more important than fight between faiths.

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My finance ass sometimes read "Made with Bloomberg" instead of "Made with boomerang" on Instagram Stories.

Hell with your gol gappas and puchkas.


Imagine BuzzFeed folks talking about politics and Economics 😂😂😂😂

Three ways to be a good businessperson.
1) Be smarter
2) Cheat
3) Be first

Rangrik Village, Spiti sounds like Thor's home town.

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Hey @Mastodon, how about changing the background text in compose window from “what’s on your mind” to “you may now speak your mind” for Indian users?

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These Indian Journos are just her to ruin this platform by fueling their propaganda.

They neither follow anyone nor interact.

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Hey guys, If you're using Mastodon on your PC/Mac, you can install this Chrome Extension (aminoeditor.com/) and then add the following CSS

.column {width: 28vw;}

You will see a full-width interface (screenshot attached)

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Can't believe how peaceful it is here. I mean I've only had to mute/block right leaning centrists rather than the usual scores of outright hate-spewing sanghis and bots. Also much less reporting. Fingers crossed to this lasting longer.

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