What is the best mooc or online course for learning (beginner)?

I started a new blog, just to experiment with some technologies discussed in the mooc about learning 3.0 and the decentralized web. ow.ly/OEWd30mrU7X

@Downes trying to follow along with the grashopper tutorial but it's unclear to me how the sql database suddenly appears under the right subdomain. I created the database, but it's not listen under the subdomain.

there's a few wonderful ways to connect your wordpress blogs to the fediverse, so pleroma and mastodon can consume them

(pleroma will do a much better job at consuming them however)

* ActivityPub plugin by @pfefferle : https://wordpress.org/plugins/activitypub/

* Pterotype plugin by @jdormit : https://wordpress.org/plugins/pterotype/

wondering whether it makes sense to experiment with and just for building a site or a blog?

Ok both presentations are up... downes.ca/presentation/497 for Personal Learning and downes.ca/presentation/498 for E-Learning 3.0 ... slides, audio and video. Now I'm just waiting for the jazz band to start at the Rex.

@Downes could it be that the activity center channel is no longer active?

Maybe the course should be renamed to Human Learning in the Age of Machine Learning ow.ly/Gmha30mhQ6h

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