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#BlockstreamExplorer Update

-Unlimited Tx
-Disabling JavaScript
-Broadcast Tx via API
-QR code scanning via the web browser
-Block timestamps for confirmed Tx
-No analytics scripts, no tracking
-Better privacy through @torproject@twitter.com support


@Sosthene @fed @Sosthene @fed electrs maintains its own index for the whole blockchain, while EPS uses bitcoind's wallet to index and watch a specific set of addresses.

Merged PR from fanquake: [0.17] doc: merge upstream release-notes from bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

One of the best and entertaining talks I've ever seen (by James Mickens): youtu.be/ajGX7odA87k Must see for every computer scientist and especially AI/ML people.

bitcoin core 0.17 was just branched off from master: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/tre
0.17.0rc1 tag should be soon !


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