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Here's some stuff I drew! Find me also at:

Some early fan art for "My Boyfriend is a Bear" an OGN coming in April from Oni Press, illustrated by my wife @Cattifer!

Hereā€™s the cover for my next Plants vs Zombies comic! Plants vs Zombies Vol 10: Rumble At Lake Gumbo comes out this June from Dark Horse Comics!

End of day doodle: Game Ogre! Cuz Iā€™m a Polygon stan šŸ˜‚

Out today! I did a variant cover for TMNT Universe #18!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi fan art: Our brave hero, Rey!

Merry Christmas, Mass Effect fam! The Tempest crew couldn't locate any appropriate conifers in Andromeda, so they had to make do something else tall and spiky šŸ‘½ā¤ļø

Practicing portraits with some TNG heads!


Suraya Hawthorne fan art! I keep sketching šŸ˜

All three Vanguard leaders done! Here are Cayde-6, Zavala, and Ikora Rey!

Fan art to celebrate the release for the Whiteout Compendium by @stevelieber and Greg Rucka! Out today from Oni Press!

Instead of being at home to play the new Destiny 2 expansion, I'm just at work torturing myself by listening to the Destiny 2 soundtrack. šŸ˜©

Sketch card commissions of Worf and Jadzia Dax (wedding outfits) from Star Trek DS9!

Watched April and the Extraordinary World tonight, and it was extremely good! Check out this great animated French film full of unexpected delights!

Hi Mastobros, I almost forgot to tell you that this morning I put my foot into my boot and there was a spider in my boot and I killed the spider.

I did another sketch! Here's Zavala! Apparently, I'm making airborne Vanguard leaders a theme?

Afternoon sketch: Give it up for everyone's favorite Exo Vanguard, Cayde-6!

Commission request: Classic Mickey meets Hamilton!

When you go to the gym after sleeping poorly...