Just updated my Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio) watercolor brush! Now with tilt controls and more natural brush tip! Get it here!


It's Chinese New Year, so it's very important to me that we take a moment to remember that one time Chow Yun-Fat dual-wielded a Beretta and a baby.

Just announced! Dark Horse will be releasing an Adventure Time coloring book in July! I drew this cover as well as eight other interior illustrations!

‪ThiccKylo sketch card. Not sorry‬

Digital figure study 2018-02-06

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint, based on a photo by bodiesinmotion.photo

I dunno man, sometimes you just draw a really weird and uncanny Finn and Jake.

Monster Hunter World fan art: Meowscular Chef and the cat cooks!

Doodling some muscles and ended up with a young non-demon Akuma? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some early fan art for "My Boyfriend is a Bear" an OGN coming in April from Oni Press, illustrated by my wife @Cattifer!

Here’s the cover for my next Plants vs Zombies comic! Plants vs Zombies Vol 10: Rumble At Lake Gumbo comes out this June from Dark Horse Comics!

End of day doodle: Game Ogre! Cuz I’m a Polygon stan 😂

Out today! I did a variant cover for TMNT Universe #18!

Merry Christmas, Mass Effect fam! The Tempest crew couldn't locate any appropriate conifers in Andromeda, so they had to make do something else tall and spiky 👽❤️

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