@Gargron @tachyons @Koshy @girishNaught @Ca_Gi I think the Mastodon instance whose admin glorifies the HIndu Supremacist who killed Gandhi deserves to be banned.

Kudos to @host for doing the right thing. tabletop.social/@host/10311575

Yesterday, I reported his toots advocating Muslim Genocide (they have been deleted since then) and the admin has been banned from mastodon.social

No, wonder the fascist heaven has a backup account on Gab and is hurt from Gab apps being banned. inditoot.com/@inditoot/1021842

As promised, mastodon.social code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

@Ca_Gi @inditoot Why does inditoot.com even pretend to have these moderation policies inditoot.com/about/more Rule 2.d Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism when the users on that instance are openly advocating for killings of Muslims. Read this complete thread (Don't miss the swords and knifes): inditoot.com/web/statuses/1023

@Gargron @citrustwee if this persists we gotta blacklist inditoot.com

Some reports take me a lot longer to resolve since I'm not from India.. Is there maybe someone in this community who is willing to help me with this?

Unfortunately I can't offer any payments like mastodon.social so it would be a passion job!

You can apply by sending me a DM with some details about yourself and how you are affilaited with India.

I can't reply on them all but please so apply 🙂 #mstdn #moderation

Just to make it clear, I'm okay with engaging in a rational discourse with Sanghis (unfortunately, most of the time the discussion derails to name-calling and personal attacks.)

My issue is with the Sanghis who break the CoC i.e. rabid abusive Sanghis.

Neither one should report an account nor the admins of the instance will suspend an account for being right leaning.

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How to report:
1. First, make sure the toot violates one of the rules from CoC mastodon.social/about/more

2. Then, click on the three dots icon and select "Report @user". You can also report the user from their profile by selecting the three dots besides "Follow" button.

PS - I use mastodon.social on Desktop browser and so has no idea about the app.

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Folks, a lot of Indian fascists have joined the instance recently. Browse the "Local" timeline or the hashtag and report them to the mods to get them suspended. Be sure to quote the exact rule from CoC which they are breaching. mastodon.social/about/more

Help keep this space clean.

Thank you!

@JayaJhurani @dharmicverangna @Sylvhem Again, how is this a "vile language against certain religion"?

'Sanghi' is a member of the RSS (a far-right org, Indian equivalent of KKK) but often used for the far-right person irrespective of whether they are member of the RSS. And yes, they do have this weird fascination with cow dung and cow urine.

FWIW, I'm a Hindu and equating the Sanghis to Hindus is as illogical as equating white supremacists to the Christians.


@JayaJhurani @dharmicverangna @Sylvhem I would like to take this opportunity to request the admins that before you moderate any India specific content please make yourself familiar with the Indian fascism, the RSS (an alt-right org), Bajrang Dal and VHP (military religious outfits of RSS as designated by CIA), the Sanghis (Hindu supremacists) etc. /1

I have a feeling that inditoot.com gonna end up being a fascist heaven. Just take a look at that instance's timeline.

Hey @kushal I'm planning to host a mastodon instance for my friends and family. Is there an article you might refer? e.g. blog post, notes etc.

Will AWS free tier be enough for the beginning (1-2 users)?



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