So, about this Mastodon thing (still learning):
- is to Mastodon what is to email,
- like in email @usernames are only unique within a given server,
- MAXLEN=500 here,
- enough people already asked about end-to-end encrypted DMs. There are no.
- no one asked about e2e signed toots though yet?
- if you believe you're trustworthy enough, consider using the ✅ character to let others know they can trust you.

Hold on.. how would a "green-check-emoji" suddenly === "trustworthy" .. I'm not following you at all..

@rootkovska How would a "green-check-emoji" === "trustworthy" I don't following your logic

ITT we talk about the features / UX improvements / bugfixes that are most desperately needed in Mastodon-based instances 

Can be about things which improve how user-facing federation quirks are handled, too.

I'll start. Biggest barrier is how you can't really interact with users from other instances, until you've interacted with them, and then only with things since you interacted with them (yeah. see

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

More detail on that specific issue here

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

Major wishlist items also include:
- Notification aggregation for Faves and RTs
- Add another option to the Home filter toggles (currently: "Show Boosts", "Show Replies") to "Show Convos Between Follows". Retitle Show Replies to Show All Replies, which would turn on the new toggle as well, logically.

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

- Move Local and Global buttons to the 4th pane, to the right of the Back button
- Unify use of Fave/Like, RT/Boost, and Post/Toot throughout UI

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

- Major feature that should exist outside of Mastodon, but Mastodon should be made to utilize: Something like Keybase (or maybe Keybase?) where you can link instances and pick one to be your main/active one. Clients can then keep identities synced. This is one way to handle the names-tied-to-instances problem.

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

- Client should allow you to sign in to multiple instances and aggregate notifications, if you like. Then, a la email, you can Reply/interact from your in-app default main, or choose Reply From and pick a different one.

Most people will never use this, but these features are probably the easiest things to build to minimize instance portability and friction, which is antithetical to federation goals.

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

- Hmm, will probably also need to build something based on having Follow list get synced between things, for some people. But more importantly
- Feature described here [] should be implemented in compatible clients such that if follows and jane switches her public main to a personal instance, say,, bob's Follows automatically updates intelligently

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

Bonus points for some UX butter like letting Bob choose "Clean up duplicates" and remove old ones if he wants, and if he keeps duplicates, the first time he replies to, client notifies him that is her active main, giving option to switch. (Subsequent times should be handled with UI flair with hover-descriptions.)

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

This thread I've made has made me realize SHOW MORE should probably apply to the whole thread, or at least that option should be there (SHOW ONE, SHOW ALL THREAD)

ITT: Mastodon-based instance feature / UX / bugfix discussion 

- Tribal proximity indicator. Basically a better version of how Twitter showed you mutual follows and such. Greatly helpful for guessing context of posts when unclear, plus for identifying new people in your extended circles

@rootkovska I guess most of this is on point, except for the trustworthy thing. You earn trust.

@rootkovska Thanks for the primer — I signed up mostly to get the green check mark.

@rootkovska I'm anti using the ✅ in my display name because I don't even trust myself

- no general search -- hashtags only -- currently. This is a deliberately discussed design choice, which may change fully or partially, but if it will it will be thoroughly thought through.

@rootkovska nearly correct, there is no mastodon network, just the OStatus based federation.

@rootkovska RE: Federation, Mastodon is a server+client implementation for OStatus -- which is also supported by GNU Social and some other popular implementations. is a similar protocol which is actually being standardised as ActivityStreams by W3C -- I'm hoping in the future Mastodon will switch to that so you can do cool stuff like "boost" something posted on MediaGoblin. But we'll see.

@rootkovska I've been talking about e2e or server public signature checking both on individual toots, as well as for account signing,

@rootkovska Always sign toots


@rootkovska What would be an acceptable definition of “trustworthy”?

I would guess something like “person can be found with the same handle in other places in the net and is not anonymous” would go a long way to consider someone “trustworthy”, or I am missing the point?

@rootkovska Dunno about the comparison. GMail let you invite people. dot-social is closed for new users. Hence me sitting over here in a corner. And probably moving instances at some point?

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