I really like, a free Visio alternative, which also works fine in *offline* mode as a Chrome app (I tested it in offline VM).

But it would be even cooler if there was an easy way to package Chrome Apps as RPM or DEB, as then it could be easily installed in a template VM for use in many different AppVMs. Anyone knows how to do that?

(The diagram below is for an upcoming post on Qubes Compromises Recovery, BTW)

@rootkovska there is a way to run Chrome App as an electron app - - which can later on be packaged in RPM and DEB - but I haven't tried

@rootkovska it is packaged for sandstorm and sandstorm is an easy install or free(mium) for remote hosting.

@rootkovska It would be great if people did associate a web service/website with one specific browser or not call websites "chrome apps"…

(For your use case, #epiphany e.g. provides something like this and AFAIK it works in GNOME with any website.)

Because #browserDiversity matters:

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