A book about Mind, disguised as treatise on Formal Systems and Reasoning, camouflaged as work on Beauty, ultimately talking about Mind... ❤

@rootkovska after that try the opposite argument: the emperor's new mind. Less fun, but proved to be more correct of the two.

@rootkovska I love this book! I've been reading* it for the last 25+ years. I just bought a new copy for sitting** on my shelf so I can read it some more.

* "reading"
* and sitting and sitting.

@rootkovska Joanna, you should read Dr.Carol Dwek "Mindset" ...such a wonderful book ...give it a shot ..I believe you will like it.

@rootkovska this book was extremely fun and interesting. Read when i was ~21. It's antithesis is not as fun, but more prescient (we still don't have strong AI):

@rootkovska is it really that good? A friend of mine has it, maybe I should borrow it..

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