Here's my quest for a project planning & tracking software:

Some features I want:
1. Decompose projects into sub-projects, & further down,
2. Balance incomes & expenses,
3. Dependencies which can span multiple projects,
4. Take declarative description of projects, tasks, deps, people's availability, various constrains, etc,
5. Calendar-time and resource limitations aware.

So far TaskJuggler seems best, anything better/similar?

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@rootkovska Disclaimer: been many yrs since I configured this sort of thing (even built something in Foswiki once), so this isn't solid advice, just ideas... That said: OTRS is open source and I've seen it put to good use in real businesses, sadly the features you want are in the non-free add-ons I think, and if you're going to do that you might as well consider Atlassian too :) Atlassian is effective, but while data export is possible, it's annoying enough that it sometimes feels like lock-in

@rootkovska ... my impression a few years ago was that this stuff is inevitably horribly proprietary, incomplete/doesn't fit your business, hideously painful to use, or over-complicated/brittle consultant-ware. Or any combination thereof. I hope things are different now, and someone else chimes in with more useful/positive suggestions :)

@rootkovska Do you know Taiga? - To the best of my knowledge it provides most of the feature you are looking for.

Although I don't know TaskJuggler, therefore I cannot compare.

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