@salameleon I'm sure everyone I know having fun at a con and not being in their phones so much is also a significant factor

I don't really get fomo any more because I'm a middle aged man who can't handle crowds and cons are an exhausting and expensive way to socialize, so they're not something I miss, I'm just attention-starved, is all

BLFC is the only con I'm annoyed about when I don't go, because my entire Telegram contacts list just goes dead for a weekend

it's a folding instrument that was, during history, made of bone. it's not for folding bones.

they're using a tool now that I know (thanks to my wife's deep well of crafting expertise) is called a bone folder, but I'm going to pretend to be completely ignorant about what it is or how it's used when I post about it because that's funnier

holy shit if '30 minutes of bookbinding (no music)' isn't some surgically precise targeting though, well done this time, algorithm

I'm on crafter idiot youtube right now and I've decided that one of my peeves is describing anything that isn't actually watercolor as watercolor. this goes double or possibly treble for digital watercolor effects. fuck out of my pinterest with your deep fake watermedia.

Dan in Florida left a voicemail yesterday and said he had a great idea he wanted to discuss with me, I figured about marketing strategies or whatever, I called him back today and his great idea was a gerbil-shaped buttplug. Dan in Florida is simultaneously the best and the worst.

Fursuit with a Bluetooth speaker, but instead of dubstep or sonic the hedgehog metal, it's just playing back recordings of the sounds of people eating chips and crackers with their mouths open

@hellojed the YouTube best practices channel coaches are also very much in this category of advice giving

It's called a cryochamber because space travel can't be done without crying

in addition to finalizing the revised silicone mold this weekend, I'm also applying to a payment processing service that specializes in high-risk merchant categories, i.e. weed and adult goods/services, and this morning I had a phone call with one of their account managers so they could vet me, and Dan sounded exactly like the slicked-back jersey boiler room type I expected to be representing this kind of company

like they've got someone playing an old-timey saloon piano for the express purpose of having them pause meaningfully for a moment when it's obvious that the person who just walked through the door isn't there about making faux stone driveway tiles or resin geodes

I know that moldmaking silicone has a broad range of practical applications but I really have to wonder how much of their staff's average workday is spent fielding questions from people who are artfully avoiding disclosing the specifics of their use cases

like it's got to be often enough that it basically never flies under their radar, right, it's like when a thief enters your shop in moonlighter, you know immediately what they're up to

up to now all the silicone I've used has been ordered from the onlines, which has resulted in me not getting the most appropriate material for moldmaking (there's this flexibleness rating called shore hardness, and I've been mostly just eyeballing it, which has turned out to be the expensive kind of incorrect thing to do), so tomorrow I'm driving down to Ye Old Siliconery in Kent to kick open the door and demand a plate of their finest samples

Finally some pnw gray, was getting real sick of this one week of sunshine

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