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craftsman who makes latex and plastics in small batches for custom-made inflatable animals that have to be inflated by mouth. but when you blow into the valve, you can't stop. the wind is being drawn completely out of you, as you become the animating force of the toy.

a witch who uses sympathetic magic to turn a lock of your hair into the thread that she uses to stitch the seams of a stuffed toy that, when finished, is you

would a stuffed toy given as a lagniappe be a courtesy plush

I'd like to say I'm sorry to my normie friends but you knew what you were getting into

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Incineroar looks like a smart car covered with fiberglass insulation material

Real windy in the north end! Getting some power and internet blips.

Glad Halloween is finally here because I'm kinda over it

There's a new lieutenant on the Enterprise and she served the captain a cup of herbal tea and his face pinched up SO hard

(note: I'm not giving up. I will fucking figure this out.)

at this point I'm about ready to just give up on this project

god yarnspinner's documentation is just demoralizingly opaque. there's a bunch of different yarn editors to choose from, but god help you if you just want to know how to start a conversation with a specific character from a specific node

I have been mad for twenty eight years that the surname of the computer programmer who let the dinosaurs loose in Jurassic Park is just a very lazy anagram of 'nerdy' and I intend to remain mad in perpetuity

My friend is really into painting the miniatures that come with this horror game she likes called Kingdom Death Monster and she does an incredible job and I hate them

tfw you see some hot art but are immediately jolted out of the fantasy when the caption provided by the artist uses 'defiantly' when they obviously meant to say 'definitely'

I made a six-layer dip with carnitas taco leftovers and it's so pretty I am reluctant to eat it

My wife took me to red lobster and I thought I was going to shrimp heaven now, but I overcommitted and I'm not in shrimp heaven. I'm in the other place.

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