Good morning, fediverse. And how are you going to entertain me today?

@Smithums you can use an AOSP Android Rom (open source variant) on almost all modern smartphones. This link will answer most of your questions:

Up at 08:00, watching Have Gun Will Travel, waiting for the Friday night fog to lift from my mind so I can get about this Saturday.

02:30 Saturday morning - up late, hope I get to sleep in.

Oh, and I'm releasing my own fork of Mastodon based on my experiences running Friend Camp for a year. It's called Hometown, and you can read more about it here:

It's not fully documented yet but it will be. Experienced Mastodon admins should be able to switch over with a minor database migration and minimal fuss.

@16:45 Watching Gamera at his best - "Destroy all Planets" on B-Movie TV. Yes, I try to keep the TV viewing classy in this joint.

@07:30 on Friday morning I am happy this week is coming to an end. Tomorrow will be long and super busy. Time today will be spent preparing for that.

@22:30 stressed from the day, hoping to relax enough to find sleep soon. May reach for the melatonin, haven't done that for awhile.

@14:30 a large crew of guys is working on the trees in both front yard and backyard. Lots of cutting gong on, hopefully to be followed by lots of removal.

@04:00, after being awake for an hour in this insomnia break, I am convinced that today is Thursday. So... good morning, Internet. We are one day closer to the weekend.

Wait a minute, it really IS Wednesday! What the Hell happened to Tuesday? Gaa...!

Oh Good Lord! Just realized I started this Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday. Maybe because I got two days worth of work done on Monday. Or maybe because my always tenuous grip on reality was even looser than normal. Whatever! Maybe tomorrow will be "Friday" when I wake up. With that thought I just better step slowly away from the computer...

After a pretty good Tuesday, time to put head to pillow. Good night, fediverse, whatever you are. (Channeling my inner Jimmy Durante - sort of.)

Hoping not to jinx things, I have to say that this has been a pretty good, surprisingly productive day so far. All that remains is taking Sylvia and possibly one of her friends out to dinner tonight.

Happy Humpday everybody! @ 06:30 this Wednesday morning my 1st cup of Covfefe is at my side. Hoping we all enjoy a peaceful, productive day today. I know mine will be busy.

If I can stay awake till 22:00 to see the end of a favorite TV show and find sleep shortly after, I will be satisfied with this day. Catch you on Wednesday, fediverse.

@16:30 the larger part of this Tuesday has gone quietly and well. I broke nothing, fixed a few things, and discovered a few more hundred dollars in my budget than I had planned for.

Can the Tuesday ahead of me be as satisfying as the Monday behind me was? That sure would be nice!

Home from my Council meeting before 21:30 and very satisfied with how it went. The 3 major chores of the day were completed in good fashion. Hopefully Sylvia will make it home before I head to bed.

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