"A Good Place: The happy accident of mistakenly logging onto gail dot com" by Cole Nowicki theoutline.com/post/7676/the-h

This is pretty heartwarming.

Happy Pi day everyone!
May the 14:th be with you!

UX designs:

1990s: Shaded, semi-realistic
2000s: Photo-realistic
2010s: Material design. No shading. Simple designs.
2020s: Flatter designs. Low information icons.
2030s: Icons are now variations on circles, squares, and triangles, which are invisible.

I just got a pull request accepted in a public open source project for the first time.
The weirdest part is that it's a fix in a javascript file in a node project.

No, this is not a "what would you toot to show that you have been kidnapped" toot. But finding and coding the fix was actually far easier than figuring out how to make node run my code.

I'm thinking about moving to another instance, do you have any tips on instances with a slight focus on software development, hardware hacking, art and/or literature?

How does favs work cross-instance?
I am looking for that cool toot about tips on "fantasy in a library environment" that I faved the other day, but now it seems to have disappeared...

Listening to Supertramp at work.

They used to be seen as this frowned-upon easy pop band, but now I hear all the strange harmonies, key-changing breaks and "themes" stuff.

Is there any contemporary pop out there that is something like this?
Even the songs I like are mostly verse-chorus...

I still use birdsite a lot, but I have to say: every time i go here, it's like coming from a noisy bar to a friend's living room

L'Office central de lutte contre la criminalité liée aux technologies de l'information et de la communication (OCLCTIC)

Nobody does governmental acronyms like the French...

Waiting for your teenager to come home is one of the least satisfying activities I can think of

Amazing to see how people reach out to each other in this crisis.
Stockholm is shut down after the attack, no buses or trains. But people use social media to help, those with a car gives strangers a ride, supermarkets give food to hungry kids, people even own their homes to others who are stuck.

I really really hate the fact that trump probably will talk about a horrible event that happened in Sweden, and this time it's true

Has posting incessantly about Mastodon on Mastodon become enough of a thing that we can start calling it "masto-bating" yet

If you're ever looking to get involved in open-source, but don't want to get too involved, search GitHub for common typos.

For instance, `document.body` is fairly common in JS. Unfortunately, so is `document.boyd` :)

Easy way to find people in need.

I find it pretty awsome to be on a social network where i need to brush up on my french

@hauntedlatte You speak truth! I have made an entire career and a whole lot of great working relationships based on:

"Hmmm, I don't know. Let's go figure it out together. Where do you think we should start?"

Asking that last question is the key. Even if you think you might know the answer, ask it, and then let the magic happen! You'll be surprised at how often the best answer was completely different than your initial assumptions!

PS: Gawd I love being able to type more than 140 character!

I have discovered a problem with 500-character toots: I spend more time writing, which means I get further behind on keeping up with the timeline.

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