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here's like my favorite painting i've ever done

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hey y'all this is a shout out post. i was just messaged by a fellow artist looking for some help.

their commissions are open! heres all their links so go check them out! their art is really cool.

I sure do like doing commissions for nice people

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I mean like look how cute they are!! I know i've posted this pic before but now it has words!!

i am so close to done with my witch comic i'm way excited

update: i did do that, and it was good

i'm gonna do it but first, i have to charge my phone, so that I can listen to music the entire time I'm out 👍

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i want to reward myself with vegan chicken nuggets

and now I can do my main homework which is DRAWING YAY

what a relief it is to finally do the (terrifying) stuff you've been putting off. At least now it's done and things will move forward, you know?

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🔥 BANQUET Page 66 is UP!🔥

❤️ Visit the Patreon for early updates, extra art, minicomics, and the saucy art feed!

I forgot for a while that when I feel like all I need is to sleep for a week, what I really need is a good run in the cold. I honestly feel so much better. does anyone else love that feeling of heat in your chest and frosty wind on your face? bc same--

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I have kind of an unofficial rule when it comes to value painting -- the 80/20 rule.

When roughing something in, pick only in the value range of 80-20. I leave my darkest darks and lightest lights for a later pass.

By constraining yourself at first, it's easier use that last value range of highs and lows to add contrast (and increase the visual interest) in the most important areas in the end.

I am never not tired these days, which is weird after being so awake for months

my roommate spent most of the night shit talking one dinosaur in particular

@ me please get it together

ah jeez, this homestuck quiz is weirdly accurate and it's a little uncanny, ah jeez