(honestly that's better than what i did when i met him bc i just froze like a fucking deer in headlights but like how do you even act around the guy you've idolized since forever???)

also one of my teammates didn't recognize him when she first met him and when she saw him, she just went, "hi louie's friend!!" fhsksls can you Imagine

i wasn't there but apparently patrick tried to catch a ball once and missed and tripped and fell and apparently everyone's heart stopped bc he might've gotten seriously hurt but he was fine, thank goodness.
imagine being the softball team that ruined canada's darling rip

one of our teammates is good friends with patrick (and works for him for a ton of money but no one knows what he actually Does?) and once a season, patrick comes to one of our practices and he tries to play with us except he's, uh, not as good at softball as he is figure skating

telling this on mastodon bc it's more private but did you know that our softball team once almost ruined patrick chan's skating career

i hate how i have to constantly butcher podcast names on twitter bc they'll ALWAYS find your tweet. ALWAYS.

i'll probably make rec threads here instead of twitter bc 1) more characters and 2) creators can't see me talk abt their stuff here

the education system doesn't tell us shit and our parents don't talk to us about their past so we're stuck in this weird limbo where we have no idea where we come from

listening and reading other AsAms express their frustration at how little they know about both AsAm history AND the history of their motherland is really validating because BIG MOOD

arden, please love yourself and stop hanging around the ryan higa frat boy crew

i don't even like clexa and i abhor clexa stans

and it was THE funniest thing to me at the time, so i had to watch the 100 just so i could fully grasp just how funny it was

post-lok finale, makorra shippers were throwing tantrums and it was a giant mess and it only calmed down when they all, for some reason, moved onto bellarke?? probably bc they thought they could pin their hopes on this het ship

except then clexa happened

i finally remembered why i ever started watching the 100 holy fuck it was the most petty reason and i probably wouldve do it again if given the chance

i kind of want to buy the silk trade paperbacks but also i kind of hate one of the artists for silk so i still haven't been able to bring myself to do that...

cindy's introduction was honestly one of the most horrendous things i ever subjected myself to tbh i can't believe i willingly read that

every time i think about silk/cindy moon's introduction to the marvel comics, i cringe and die a little inside before thanking God that she somehow escaped that and got her own solo series

also i played dnd for the first time yesterday which was super fun except one of the guys in my campaign named their character bilbobatch cumberbaggins so i'm going to have to put up with that for a while i guess

phoenix and edgeworth are rivals to lovers, childhood friends and soulmates all in one, can you believe capcom still won't make them canon?

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