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: I'm a software developer from . I mostly write and . I'm a contributor to and co-founder of . I nerd out over and .

Also enjoy and freshwater . I have a and a and a tuxedo . A couple kids, too, but the pets get more clicks.

Pronouns are he/him.

Go Hoosiers.

Chagrined to realize that using 's scheduled posts feature introduces an impurity into a build. I want my next computer to come without a system clock.

Abusing CSS content properties to make semantic HTML look like Emacs Lisp, as one does.

Anybody have tooling to update nix flake inputs to the latest tagged revision?

The final version of the updated book "Pure functional HTTP APIs in Scala" including the Scala 3 migration is done and has just landed on LeanPub! 🎉 😊 🎉

The versions for other book stores (Amazon, Thalia, etc.) are in review and should also be available soon.

#Scala #FunctionalProgramming #pfhais #fs2 #http4s #optics #Scala3

A rudimentary scala-cli for . Fires up an inferior REPL for those quick tasks that don't need an sbt build. Medium-term goal: restore support for .

Immutable builder pattern required parameters: constructor args or phantom types?




It's important to have hobbies besides barbecue. For example, grilling.

Favorite vendors for a basic mechanical keyboard? My WASD V3 is failing within a year.


Thanks, @d6, for the reminder.

otel4s: an client for functional . Metrics only so far, highly experimental. Feeling cute, might delete later:

Been working on literate configurations. Some notes on how I set up a
server on free tier with and :

Looking for examples of tangling a module from , and using import-from-derivation on the result. End goal is a "literate flake". I keep hitting infinite recursion.

Choosing a static site generator:
1. sbt build ➡️ Laika
2. standalone ➡️ Hugo
3. joy of computing ➡️ LISP

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