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How can I like liquorice this much and _not_ be Scandinavian?

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We are still looking for Balkan developers or developers willing to consider relocating to the . Fun stuff, helping journalists do their jobs. Anybody interested?

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Matrix is now on Mastodon! We'll be crossposting between the birdsite & + looking into proper Matrix bridging. Come follow!

Saturday morning web-scraping.

Finally got my 2,523 CSVs. Only 30 of them were actually Excel files served as CSVs, and only 1,993 were actually formatted roughly as they should have been.

Always amuses me that "You MUST use DEPARTMENT for this column heading" results in 5 or 6 different interpretations .. including "DEPT.", "Department Family", "Departmt" and others.

Next step, normalisation and SQL.

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Write Elixir code using Elm-inspired syntax - Finally! (CC @rossjones)

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I'm talking about DoES Liverpool (and making in general I expect) over at Chester Devs next Weds. @rossjones fancy a trip to Chester? :-)

Bank holiday on Monday, having a day off on Tuesday. I think I'm going to spend it with Typescript, see if it makes me feel less annoyed than JS.

Also WebRTC.

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A colleague of mine got a PDF document from an external contractor, and it was password protected.

He wanted to archive it, but didn't know how to make sure that everyone accessing the file also got the password.

So he asked me how to remove it.

I opened it on my Linux machine with Evince, entered the password, then printed it to a PDF file.

Mission accomplished.
This was too easy.

So fed up with staring at tiny 13/15" displays, I went a little overboard and went for a 4K display. To look at text all day. Not sure what I was thinking.

The best thing about these 20hr days each Thurs is that it takes me less then 10s to fall asleep when i finally get home.

Still, not quite as easy in my mid-40s as it was in my 20s. :(

Eating breakfast. In a yurt. In London.

Considered borrowing the wife's macbook air for commute, but weirdly I can't get over the bezel on the screen. XPS 13 has spoiled me (audio nonsense aside).

Had just about enough. Adding type annotations to all my Python now and trying

Finished work for the day. Food then then should finish the day nicely.

For a brief moment I almost started to like writing JS.

I am feeling much better now though.

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for anyone looking at launching or formalizing co-ops:

co-operatives began at Rochdale in 1844. since 1995, Rochdale's values are comprised of 7 principles of co-operation, keyed to seven colours.

we made this colourful sign for our housing co-op a few years ago. we mounted it next to every dwelling's bulletin board. it's a great daily reminder of why we organise, cultivate, and believe in co-ops.

feel free to copy, print and distribute!

Last 30 minutes of the Rush documentary and then finally getting around to writing some code. About time I automated processing of all the DNA matches from various sites into one database so I can cross-query and search more easily.

Reminded of TFW after years of absolutely no free time, you suddenly have lots, and have no idea what to do with it.

Has anyone built a Mastodon-Twitter bridge that makes it look like just another (read-only) Mastodon instance?

Boy has just asked everyone to turn Bluetooth off because it's interfering with his connection to our 2g WiFi.

When *I* was 12 I was reading comics and putting cassettes into my Walkman upside down.

I can't help but think having geek parents isn't always a good thing.