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Someone posted a message to me in Welsh .

Fuck knows why..


I say, ha ha

You say; p1!zhjg@ยฃ (edited for offensive language)

Let's agree, I win.



Hi, thanks for keeping in touch.

I mentioned to you in relation to a weird political group you belong to, these guys:

Here's the bit about the Cricket matches I mentioned.

That;s the radical kind of shit kicking I'm into.

Maybe someone will explain.

Update to last post:

I'm wrong.

I have no idea what time it indicates.

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I just heard some kid say "get waxed," which is now my new favorite expression.

The funny thing is, when I first registered here and bookmarked the page, when I launched Mastodon from the bookmark it always had @thor 's timeline in the Local tab.

I thought that was how it was permanently set up ..


Right, time to head out.

Don't panic.

I have my iPhone for emergencies.


I have no auto-translate at hand but the point is they are chatting to themselves I believe, not looking to follow me and vice a versa.

I like diving into the local stuff and replying to and following new people.

And now one of them faved my last Toot.

It's ridiculous.

Its a shame the Local Time Line is currently, ( I hope it's temporary and fixable) spammed to death by gibberish, yet poetic and liquid-like mystical language.

Anyone have a tweak they employ?

Is the media dead? ..asks well spoken, clearly bright guy.

No, is the only sensible answer.

Chris Grayling fails to understand how 'social media,' works.

I post - You block.. job done.

HIGNFY next...

Serous Q from geezer about Mrs M's ability to do anything, literally anything reliably... but they move on.

Isabel Euphemia Oakeshott makes a piss poor attempt at personal attack on Jeremy C.... and is awarded a loud bored groan from audience.

Daily Mail bashing from Alastair Campbell gets deafening applause...

Must be the rag that posh bird Isabel pounds out idiocies for.

Freak in audience rattles out bizarre conspiracy theory.

Don't they drug test the audience before letting them in?

Shami Chakrabarti turns smart arse question around to massive round of applause.

Fighting stuff... positive attitude.