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i'm commander shepard, and this is my favorite toot on the mastodon

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© notting hill wedding planning (诺丁山婚礼企划)

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fuck people with good vision. stop being wake up.and immediately being admire yr.posters

what would really sell spotify for me would be if they made you a playlist that was like "things you'll hate". like something the algorithm thinks is the exact opposite of what you listen to. that would be really good

hot take 


yes u

ur the hot take

carol 3-point-oh? more like the carol 3-point-oh no, we’re not getting it are we?

new vid of starlight from loona studio... bc of the format of the instagram posts i'm thinking they'll post multiple new videos every hour, or at least hoping so lmao

no offense but like.. love bomb lolove bomb lolobomb love bomb lolove bomb lolobomb

hhhh i haven't been active bc i got a new phone but i'm kinda sad it's not as happy and active as before

im coming. im coming and you cannot stop me. im serious. when i get over there i will not hold back.

no offense but...
you know its been a long day..... i


ooooooogh,...... yeah.h..h.h.h..hey..e.e.a.y.h........

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