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: Perspective from a platform that doesn’t put democracy in peril

the exact flavor of unchecked authoritarianism that anti-communists like to narrativize historically as being irrefutable evidence that "communism never works" exists today in neoliberal capitalist societies and is completely ignored by the same crowd

Gender Is The Most Fucked Up Thing Ever

remember in the book "Altered Carbon" when the guy says "this carbon... it's been altered!"

If this were happening in Iran or Syria it would be called an unstable state.

USA politics Show more

USA politics Show more

« This program won at Tic-Tac-Toe by figuring out how to remotely crash its opponents' computers, causing them to forfeit. »

— Retweet

i imagine being physically near funko pops has the opposite effect of healing crystals

Small brain: barbarians have anger management issues

Big brain: barbarians are actually very good at controlling their emotions given they can go into a rage as an activated ability

Fire Emblem is excruciating. Why do I do this?

the grocery store is really branching out (implied nsfw)

Ebay is broken. I can’t find Zelda underpants. Further proof of capitalism’s failure.

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