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Rotating Skull

When I was trying to quit smoking, I switched to American Spirits, a more ethically and naturally produced cigarette. But they were still cigarettes.

Mastodon is like American Spirits.


People talk about quitting social media with the same phrases they use to talk about quitting smoking. That can't be good. I think we've created a monster.

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I have no Facebook, no Twitter, for reasons. Mastodon is neat but I'm starting to think that a prison you build yourself is still a prison.


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Hi Mastonauts. Have you had enough water? Do you need a break? ❤️

On October 31, 1993 River Phoenix accidentally viewed the printed word "fuck" in a Penthouse magazine and he died instantly. Please don't let this happen again. Protect our celebs from the "F" word.

The Internet must be made safe for celebrities who cannot read the word "fuck" or they melt.

Twitter Rule Number 54: Do not disrespect The Batman.

*western leftist voice* what kind of communist would pick up guns

The Trolley Problem but the group of five people are all tankies.

The Trolley Problem but the trolley is the trolley from Mister Roger's Neighborhood and the people on the tracks are the puppets and they are screaming for you to save them.

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