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Rotating Skull @rotatingskull

Old Irish Blessing: May you have the confidence of Rob Thomas singing into the wrong end of a Sennheiser MD409.

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This image still makes me laugh, not only because sending the sound into the wrong end of the Sennheiser MD409 is the classic noob mistake (the gold side says FRONT on it, and you can mistake FRONT for meaning Faces The Audiance, not what it actually means which is Sound Goes In Here) but that Santana uses this mic all the time to record his guitar and he didn’t tell him.

@rotatingskull could the director have told him to keep that side facing the camera just because a gold mic looks cooler?

@mattDVD This is quite possible. However one of the several dozen musicians on staff could have pointed out that this is ridiculous and supplied them with an equally or more cool looking golden microphone.

@rotatingskull look, we got one day left to shoot this music video. either we use Santana’s mic that is already on set and paid for, or Mr. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty will have to do something else with his hands like, god forbid, clapping