The lady who said a half million dead Iraqi children was worth it wants to warn us about fascism.

Call me overly negative if you like, but somehow I think that if you have anything good to say about the murder of half a million children you should be excused from polite discourse.

@LeftCoast No, this is just liberalism. They wage wars and then say war is bad. Campaign like socialists then govern like fascists. It’s how they roll. ‪¯\_(ツ)_/¯‬

@rotatingskull Maybe she's not the author. Maybe her name is part of the title.

@rotatingskull btw Madeleine Albright endured The Blitz, then endured communists taking over Czechoslovakia, then driven by the experience studied international relations and russian, she single-handedly orchestrated a campaign to block Boutros-Ghali's second term as UN secretary general over his role in the rwandan genocide.

Her influence on US policy saved a lot of lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the sanctions on Iraq in the 90s worked and that's why she opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

@szbalint Perhaps. And Albright believed it, and said that a half a million dead Iraqi children was worth it.

This only makes sense if you don’t value Iraqi life. Maybe she’s just an immense racist. Maybe she doesn’t care about dead children if they’re brown. Maybe you are too. It would be pretty typical for a liberal to be a warmongering racist.

I hope someone sanctions you one day, since you think sanctions are so good.

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