A good way to tell if someone is awful on here is to scroll back to around 4 July and see if they're posting patriotic stuff.

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@rotatingskull Only works for americans. Most dutch are patriotic when the holidays come around too, even the good ones.

@freemo and the Dutch do not post photos of cheeseburgers and sparklers on 4 July right?

@rotatingskull We have kings day. They all fly the Dutch flag, wear orange, and eat Dutch treats.

@freemo If it is not a holiday that definitely only fascists celebrate anymore then it's probably a pleasant time.

@rotatingskull In all my time in america i never really met any fascists. A few racists. 4th of July was fun, everyone came out to enjoy it.

@freemo Unless you lived in a hole in the ground and never stuck your head out, this is impossible.

@rotatingskull It was Philadelphia. Met people on both ends of the spectrum politically. While both sides were childish, unbearable, and prejudice (towards opposite groups) I wouldnt say "fascist" was an accurate description for any of them.

@callmes3th @freemo Because I'm not interested in talking to a fascist or one of their unwitting rubes. And I asked him to not message me again and the first thing he did was message me again. So he's blocked now. Bye!

@rotatingskull @freemo I hate fascist. Good riddance, he will die blind because of his values, nevermind this waste of space.

May you have a good day sir,mam.

@callmes3th @rotatingskull Because he has all the maturity of a toddler. He is under no obligation to engage in a conversation. If he wanted to just walk away and exit the conversation, he could. But he had to throw a bit of a temper tantrum first apparently.

Nothing I said remotely implied I was fascist.

@freemo @rotatingskull Sorry, just realized the french flag is upside down from the one you have. Apologize my ignorance. Have a good day, didn't meant to intrude the interlocation earlier, it was none of my business.

Just a lonely hacker sifting through the valleys :)

@callmes3th @rotatingskull It was a public conversation. If outsiders werent welcome it would have been marked private.

@freemo @rotatingskull Indeed it was, I said this in regard to the fact that the conversation went apeshitbatcrazy and I had no context to intervene. Silence is a part of conversing.

@callmes3th @rotatingskull Well I suppose you could always look at the whole thread (also public) and judge for yourself.

Point is I didnt take any offense to you injecting.

@freemo @rotatingskull I actualy am. You made valid points, I think it's worthless though, I doubt you could change his perception from his POV, unfortunately. Some people are so strongly anchored that only life tragedy can shake them from their chains.

@callmes3th @rotatingskull I never try to engage someone in order to lead them to a particular outcome or change in POV. I simply discuss the points I find interesting. What comes of that is whatever it will be.

@freemo @rotatingskull Then I don't see why continuing after he told you ''facist, don't talk to me'' if what you seek, is discussion. They always say you can be either the one who listens or talks, well I'm the one who looks, and I find it deeply fascinating.
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@rotatingskull You have a mute function for that. But no worries I don't follow you so unless you continue to message me you arent likely to hear from me again.

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