A good way to tell if someone is awful on here is to scroll back to around 4 July and see if they're posting patriotic stuff.

@rotatingskull Only works for americans. Most dutch are patriotic when the holidays come around too, even the good ones.

@freemo and the Dutch do not post photos of cheeseburgers and sparklers on 4 July right?

@rotatingskull We have kings day. They all fly the Dutch flag, wear orange, and eat Dutch treats.

@freemo If it is not a holiday that definitely only fascists celebrate anymore then it's probably a pleasant time.

@rotatingskull In all my time in america i never really met any fascists. A few racists. 4th of July was fun, everyone came out to enjoy it.

@freemo Unless you lived in a hole in the ground and never stuck your head out, this is impossible.

@rotatingskull It was Philadelphia. Met people on both ends of the spectrum politically. While both sides were childish, unbearable, and prejudice (towards opposite groups) I wouldnt say "fascist" was an accurate description for any of them.

@callmes3th @freemo Because I'm not interested in talking to a fascist or one of their unwitting rubes. And I asked him to not message me again and the first thing he did was message me again. So he's blocked now. Bye!

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@rotatingskull @freemo I hate fascist. Good riddance, he will die blind because of his values, nevermind this waste of space.

May you have a good day sir,mam.
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