A forgotten part of the 1990s is how homicidally scared adults were of any child that could use a computer.

@rotatingskull Weird. I was a child for the whole of the 90s and did not experience this. But my parents and almost everyone I knew worked in tech so apparently that was atypical?

@noflashphotography Yes. People who worked in tech in the 90s were still nerds in the bad way.

@rotatingskull consider for example the absurdly paranoid restrictions placed on Mitnick. Such as not allowing him to directly use a phone while awaiting trial literally for fear he would hack into NORAD by whistling into a payphone to start WWIII as revenge for being arrested.


in my country (UK) this paranoia went right up to Unversity level, even if you *were* studying electronics/computer science (of course rather counterproductive) - Brits now wonder how/why a generation slippped back in in depth tech knowledge from the 1990s (in spite of Internet/online culture) until recently when the RPi went into production)

@samis @rotatingskull @LilFluff they (well the profs at my uni) really did *not* like students using the Internet for external traffic, especially to newsgroups and the WWW server (only one around then at info.cern.ch), and especially not those who bypassed local blocks by manuallly routing data to UCL and via BT to TU München (apparently I'd set off some kind of alarm at BT Tower doing this due to amount of data used/"foreign" web traffic)


in early 90s is UK Establishment was still fighting WW II in their heads as well as Cold War, TBH some folk here still think that way..

This is after all same country where otherwise normal/rational seeming people voted for Brexit,, last week someone (not a troll/joker, a genuine person) complained on comments of the local newspaper site that "immigration was a cause of traffic jams and *roadworks*!"

@samis @LilFluff

@rotatingskull That fear was still somewhat alive in the early 2000s. It was the most annoying part of my childhood experience.

@rotatingskull homicidal would be a stretch, but i have this vivid memory of the massive dude who was superintendent of schools looming over me (perhaps a good 80 lbs soaking wet at this point) and declaiming, all spittle-flecked, about calling the sheriff. which sort of typified my experience of that era, i guess.

getting kicked out of english class for writing an assigned paper in pico in an ncsa telnet window...

yeah, fear.

@rotatingskull those were the good days.

As an adult looking back I'd hate to think what adults thought of my mass of wires either connected to a computer or otherwise in the 80s. Probably close to some voodoo magic back then.

@rotatingskull I got in trouble at the school library for rebooting to the DOS prompt on a Windows 3.1 pc, aka the forbidden console

@Tanuki @rotatingskull I got in trouble for installing my own copy of SimCity 2000 on a library Mac as a kid. C'est la vie.

@rotatingskull which reminds me of a manifesto I read a while back, which OF COURSE I can't find right now (because fuck you Google) which said something like "you are scared of your children, who are natives in a land where you'll always be strangers"

@rotatingskull i nearly got expelled for making a Snapchat bot and story for our school...

@rotatingskull i forgot i still had this tab open but i remember getting in so much trouble for cleaning the gunk from a ball mouse.

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