Is it just a coincidence that I found so many people from my town on here? Or do coincidence and fate figure largely in our lives?

I just duck duck goed for “rub on nitro pink” (which is paint i thought) and woah

Lifestyle: Try to be sciencer. Always be sciencing. Try science again.

I know the odds of anything good happening in USA politics for the next two years at least are slim. But for god's sake make Puerto Rico a state already. Just think of all the other great 51's there are!

I used to think that NATO simply didn't understand true liberal democratic values. Now I take them at their word. Liberal democratic values are simply a murderous nightmare and morally vacuous.

Alternate headline: The Good Guys May Stand A Small Chance Soon

Hey guys. I've invented a better kind of money. It's money that expires and it's hard to tell how much money it even is. Give it to your loved ones!

The false USA government has no moral or legal authority due to the fact that it broke its own treaties in order to establish its dominance — a living contradiction. The USA is raw power to serve power. Power is an illusion. The USA is not real. Happy Fourth of July.

I have no idea what this is even a symbol for which makes it the perfect symbol for our awesome times.

FYI We’ve been putting babies on cages for a long time.

Restricting children’s movements to the point of total debilitation is our way. Then we wonder why our children are so uncoordinated and can’t focus.

Is there anyone out there who thinks it makes sense that this dude gets a single dollar for a drawing that this other dude made ninety years ago?

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