@garbados Skeleton War is real and very important. There is no time to explain. Please make checks payable to Skeleton War c/o Rotating Skull.

@aparrish The only possible answer that fits both is Shoehorn With Teeth.

Not sure how long this will last but I’m at @tibius. I‘m figuring out how to run an instance but I think I have it mostly groked now?

@lottie Psychology is a threat to Australian National Security.

I am amazed that my instance seems to work. If you want an invite please just ask.

So here is what setting up a new instance is like. You set up the software (hard/easy depending on your skills/hosting) and then Mastodon is running but nothing works. Then you follow people and slowly federating happens. After about a half hour some connections somewhere are made and it Just Works.

Okay, after about a half hour my first toot on my new instance has appeared. I guess that's how long it takes.

@marcelle well you just interacted with me on the mothership, let's see what happens when i try to follow you from my instance

I feel like there's a box somewhere I should be checking that isn't checked but documentation is hard to find...

Hrm, still not sure, but I think federating takes time maybe to read feeds somewhere? hrm...

If you have a brand new instance, is it normal for absolutely nothing to be showing up in the federated timeline for a while? I don't seem to be able to follow anyone...

cis guys vs hrt 

the number of cis guys i have seen sweat when i mention HRT regrows hair brings me great joy

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