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A real thing said to me in Canada 

"Now, be aware that Mountain Dew is a little different up here. The amount of caffeine it has in the States is literally illegal here."

@rotatingskull Seriously, though, this is true. I used to play at being an asshole and then I really was an asshole for quite some time.

Be careful what you pretend to be. It is what you will become.

I believe this to be true.

I am pretending to be a rotating skull.


*slaps monolith at Göbekli Tepe* This bad boy can fit so many mysterious skulls in it.

am I a fucking idiot or something for saying we shouldn't let these huge corporations who would gladly fucking kill us off in droves for their own self-interest if they wouldn't get in trouble for it into our lives? into our homes?

A giant red SUV just cut me off in the middle of an intersection. Yes he changed lanes in an intersection which is definitely illegal and dangerous and a total asshole maneuver, and a cop car was right there. I looked at the hero inside and he was…

checking his phone.

Cops are useless at best. Disband the police force permanently.

"We have to hunt down Bill Gates and kill him." - My Dad, ready to lead the revolution after Microsoft Word spontaneously changed his font size one time to many. XD

I'm just sitting in front of the internet staring at the screen. I have no idea what to do. It's like the more I get outside the more the internet seems boring and the less I go outside the more interesting the internet gets. Like a ball gaining momentum?

In the olden days, journalists at least had the pretense of elite access. They could talk to people I would never meet. They were on the inside of some social system inaccessible to me, and they could tell me its secrets.

Now CNN reads Twitter aloud. We really don’t need this “service” at all.

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Report from me watching television once yearly. I see that Chris Cilizza (the guy who called Hillary Clinton a “mad bitch”) is predicing that Joe Biden will be the nominee in 2020 as he also reads Trump’s tweets. On television. Because that is a good use of television, to read the internet to me.

Happy Jesus, take the wheel.

Okay, what is a fairly priced (read: cheap) hosting for ruby on rails, php, and email?

I think this is why I fizzled out on learning Rails before. Is Rails very system intensive? Is it a way to code lazily and let your giant rack pick up your slack? I think so now...

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And now I have found that Dreamhost does not support Rails unless you pay lots of money. lol

I asked this a while ago, but I'm asking it again because now I'm actually logged into to a server. What's a good How To Install Mastodon tutorial? (On Linux)

I wonder if ICANN thought there would be more interest in the .rodeo TLD.

How come Barcelona has its own TLD? I mean, sure they deserve it, but most cities don't. It's because of this song isn't it?

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